Biden’s COVID Rescue Bill Sent $1,400 Stimulus Check To Boston Marathon Bomber

Joe Biden’s COVID-19 “American Rescue Plan” made a direct paid $1,400 as a “stimulus” distribution to Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the convicted Boston Marathon bombers.

Tsarnaev received the stimulus payment last June, and following a hearing on Wednesday, Massachusetts district court judge George O’Toole ordered the convicted terrorist and murderer to return the amount.

Tsarnaev and his brother set bombs near the finish line of the 2013 Boston Marathon, resulting in three deaths and hundreds of injuries. After the bombing, Tsarnaev’s brother was killed in a confrontation with police officers.

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) spoke on behalf of many Republicans in Congress who harshly criticized the Rescue Plan bill for including incarcerated felons among the stimulus recipients. Cotton asked how making the payments to “murderers and rapists” in prison would do anything to ease the pandemic.

When the bill was being debated, Cotton joined with Sens. Bill Cassidy (R-LA) and Ted Cruz (R-TX) to propose an amendment to block payments to persons currently in prison. Senate Democrats blocked the amendment.

Tsarnaev’s funds were attached by acting Massachusetts U.S. Attorney Nathaniel Mendell, who asked the court to approve a final seizure of all funds held by the convict. The court granted the request and found that all of Tsarnaev’s assets, including the stimulus funds, should be distributed to the victims of his bombing attack.

Mendell obtained the order as one of his last acts as acting U.S. Attorney. He will be replaced by Rachael Rollins, a leftist progressive prosecutor appointed by Biden on Monday.

In 2015, Tsarnaev was condemned to death in federal court. The United States First Circuit Court of Appeals overturned his death sentence in 2020. President Donald Trump’s Justice Department filed an appeal with the United States Supreme Court. The Supreme Court decided to hear the case and expected to rule on whether Tsarnaev’s death sentence will be reinstated this summer.