Biden’s Delayed Statement on Rushdie Attack Filled With Unintentional Irony

It was a full day before President Joe Biden got around to issuing a statement about the vicious attack on famed author Salman Rushdie in New York, and it was full of irony that the writer of his thoughts undoubtedly did not intend.

It began fine with the normal platitudes about the tragic event and prayers for Rushdie’s recovery. Biden’s writer went on to thank law enforcement and audience members who helped subdue the attacker as well as the first responders.

But then it went rather sideways.

The president waxed poetic about Rushdie’s refusal to be “intimidated or silenced” in the face of persecution for his art. Biden noted that the author stood for “essential, universal ideals.”

Ideals that the administration would do very well to come to terms with themselves. This is the same White House that has mercilessly gone after so many who were merely present at the Jan. 6 “insurrection” and fomented hysteria over a mostly non-event.

How many people who did nothing violent are being sentenced to long prison terms as a warning to others who may choose to dissent? For the crime of being present and supporting former President Donald Trump, they face years behind bars.

Then, of course, there’s last week.

The Justice Department and FBI cooks up a scheme to silence and intimidate Trump, who of course may be Biden’s opponent if/when he runs for reelection in 2024. All of this over documents that are then reported to possibly contain dangerous nuclear secrets.

Of course, they did not. But that just added fuel to the fire for those seeking to defend the unprecedented raid on the former U.S. president’s private residence.

Further, how many times does Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Justice Department have to go after parents who dissent over their kids being indoctrinated in schools for its actions to be seen for what they are? They are merely intimidating concerned parents looking out for the vulnerable.

The writer of Biden’s statement concerning the brazen attack on Rushdie even noted the administration’s commitment to the ability to “share ideas without fear.” Only, they forgot to add that the ideas must be aligned with the beliefs of those who are in power.