Biden’s Latest Political Strategy is Removed From America’s Concerns

For many months now, critics of Joe Biden have pointed out a clear disconnect between his White House’s talking points and what’s happening across the country.

The same dynamic also applies to the massive gap between what Americans are worried about and what the Biden administration is prioritizing.

One of the most relevant examples of this deals with gas prices. Americans today cannot afford high costs of gas. This administration has been repeatedly urged to embrace the pro-energy policies that would lower gas prices.

However, the response of the White House has been to claim that people should just drive electric vehicles.

With inflation being a pressing issue to the public, Biden’s been giving various speeches about infrastructure. Even left-wing strategists have admitted that public dissatisfaction with the economy is a problem for the president.

Now, Biden’s approach in his latest political strategy shows an even more heightened level of disconnect.

Getting an Early Start to 2024?
With the midterm elections approaching, the president is telling the folks working for him to get into the mode of campaigning. Biden’s rhetoric itself also appears more partisan in nature, almost as if he’s gearing up to face a GOP opponent any day now.

Biden’s been trashing “the MAGA crowd” and attacking Republican leaders, only to later stress the importance of unity in the country.

However, as the president and his staffers move into campaign mode, the country is worried about baby formula shortages, rising costs of living, potential food shortages, and other pressing issues.

Days ago, during a fundraiser event, Biden spoke about the supposed dangers of “the great MAGA king” and Republicans in general. Yet, all of this comes as the Democrat Party holds the White House, the Senate, and the House of Representatives.

Bad News For Biden
A recent poll from NBC News showed the president’s job approval rating fell to a record low of 39%. It is clear that Biden’s disconnect from the interests, priorities, and concerns of the American public isn’t doing him any favors.

As mass crises face the United States, Biden’s also been confirmed as talking to his inner circle about re-election plans.

A series of polls have shown that Republicans are set to win the midterm elections this year. Biden claimed weeks ago that GOP wins of this nature would bring sadness to the United States; however, that sadness is already here.

Parents of babies who can’t find essential formulas are sad. The same sadness is also present in Americans who would like to be able to afford groceries, gas, and other essentials without breaking the bank.