Biden’s “Ministry of Truth” Being Assessed by Clinton Campaign Activist

Joe Biden’s disinformation board was put on “pause” after it was inundated with mockery and criticism as a federal “Ministry of Truth” by many freedom-loving Americans. Now the Department of Homeland Security has announced that the board will be placed in a review process that can last up to 75 days.

Former Deputy Attorney General Jamie Gorelick and former Secretary of Homeland Security Michael Chertoff have been tabbed to direct the assessment of the disinformation board.

Chertoff in particular has a history of ignoring security risks and allowing political hoaxes to go unchecked. He endorsed Hillary Clinton for president in 2016 and said that his knowledge of her improper handling of classified emails simply didn’t matter to him as a national security issue.

He has described the email situation as a “small peccadillo” and said spending time “chasing” it would only be a “luxury” the government could afford if the world were at peace. He said that as the world is at war, the focus of the government must only be on “protecting the U.S. and our friends and allies.”

Chertoff has also taken a hands-off approach to the fabrication of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative during the 2016 election cycle. Even though Clinton’s direct involvement in the fake story has largely gone uninvestigated, former Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook testified last week at the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann that Clinton gave personal and direct approval of the plan to distribute the story to friendly media.

Chertoff has additionally taken a role in casting doubt on the accuracy of reporting regarding Hunter Biden’s abandoned infamous laptop. He supported the narrative created by liberal media that the laptop story was Russian propaganda. Chertoff said that the idea that Hunter Biden left his laptop with a repair shop and forgot about it was “preposterous.” Of course, reporting this year finally confirmed the accuracy of the reporting about the laptop.

The Biden White House has relied on the corporate media to assist with creating a narrative surrounding the suspension of the DHS disinformation board. Friendly reporters have gone so far as to help describe the public backlash against the disinformation board as being itself “disinformation.”

New White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre insisted that the board had been designed to simply monitor “bad actors.” She said its purpose is to address disinformation from foreign adversaries, international organized crime operations, and human smugglers.

What went unsaid was that “bad actors” is a classification including “domestic terrorists.” The Biden administration has already shown that it believes that group is broad enough to include American parents who dare to question the decisions of their elected local school boards.