Biden’s Mouth is Moving Faster Than His Brain

In 2022, Joe Biden seems to live in an alternate reality when it comes to how his presidency is turning out and impacting the country.

Time and time again, Biden rejects various polls showing massive disapproval of how he’s dealing with the economy, energy and violent crime.

During the president’s State of the Union address, he delivered a pseudo-campaign speech instead of honestly discussing the troubled state of the union.

Biden’s refusal to honestly assess his presidency and its adverse impacts was put on full display yet again this past Thursday.

During his time at a NATO press conference, Biden made yet another cocky remark that has many people shaking their heads, as National Review has documented.

Oddball Comments About the 2024 Presidential Election

While speaking to reporters during this week’s NATO press conference, Biden made it very clear that he sees himself as a shoo-in for re-election.

Despite carrying a disapproval rating above 50%, Biden claimed it would be “very fortunate” for him to end up running against former President Trump again in 2024. This statement from Biden comes as Trump has all but confirmed he’ll be running for re-election again.

Yet, Biden’s clear claim that a rematch against Trump would be an easy win isn’t supported by recent polls. According to a survey by McLaughlin, Biden loses to Trump by about three points.

Other recent polls have shown most Americans believe Russian President Putin would not have attacked Ukraine if Trump were currently president instead of Biden.

It’s also worth noting that under Biden, current gas prices are multiple times higher than they were during the Trump administration’s time in power. This has led many Americans to pay they miss Trump’s “mean tweets” and not having to pay an arm and a leg for gas.

Midterm Elections

Thursday wasn’t the first time Biden made strange and out of touch remarks about upcoming American elections.

Earlier this month, the president stated that if Republicans were to take back control of Congress in November, this would cause two years of sadness for Americans.

Unfortunately, the sadness is already here with Democrats controlling Congress. Americans are sad about crime rising as their communities become more dangerous. The nation’s people are also sad about being unable to easily afford gas, groceries, and other necessities.

At the rate things are going, Biden is going to talk his party out of congressional power and himself out of the White House.