Biden’s Obamacare Policies Are Coming Back to Bite Him

Many Americans are familiar with the so-called Affordable Care Act, also commonly known as Obamacare.

Obamacare dates back to the days when former President Obama was in office. This form of healthcare took a lot of backlash, due to its unaffordability and penalties that Americans were forced to pay if they wanted to opt out and/or keep their own doctors.

Seeing as Obamacare emerged during Joe Biden’s time as vice president, it’s not shocking that he’s in favor of this measure.

However, some of the latest policies that Biden’s imposing to further solidify the Affordable Care Act are actually backfiring against him personally, as documented by The Federalist.

Policies vs. Personal Actions

If the current president gets his way, the national deficit will get significantly higher by making American workers’ dependents and spousal partners eligible for Obamacare subsidies. At this time, subsidies of this nature are only available to employees who receive healthcare insurance from their employers.

Nearly two years ago, the Congressional Budget Office warned that such a change would run up the national deficit to the tune of $45 billion within one decade.

Yet, as Biden moves to set this in motion, he’s come under fire for using S-corporations as a means of dodging the thousands of dollars in owed Affordable Care Act taxes.

So, in other words, despite the president going out of his way to avoid paying Obamacare taxes, he wants to force everyday Americans to pay more in taxes by expanding subsidy eligibility.

At this time, whether or not Biden has the authority to expand Obamacare in this way is legally questionable. However, the intent behind this policy itself is what highlights the hypocrisy of this president.

The Inflation Factor

Biden’s move to run up the national deficit with this Obamacare expansion comes at the worst time possible for America.

Inflation has already gotten so bad that the prices of goods and services are many times higher than they used to be. Back in March, the Federal Reserve increased interest rates; this is something that economists are warning could lead to a recession in 2023.

Due to inflation, the last thing the president should be doing is trying to make Americans spend even more money. In order to avoid a recession, the federal government needs to lower spending, not increase it.

Unfortunately, the Biden administration has a pattern of completely disregarding the current economic problems it’s created.