Biden’s Oil Policies Have Taken Another Turn For the Worst

Despite the talking points and ambitions of climate change activists and Green New Deal supporters, oil is an important resource here in the United States. People need oil to fuel their gas tanks, create various products, and otherwise have access to energy.

Unfortunately, ever since Biden got into the White House, he’s been on a mission to destroy oil and gas companies. He’s even used his inflation crisis as a means of faulting the oil industry.

According to the president, the supposed greed of oil companies is why gas prices are higher. In actuality, Biden’s crackdown on leases and pipelines, along with his spending plans, are what led to higher prices at gas stations.

With the prices of gas getting higher, the president decided to pull oil from America’s emergency strategic reserves. Although this plan has gone from bad to worse, as documented by The Blaze.

Horrible Abuses of America’s Strategic Reserves

The United States’ strategic reserves are only meant to be used in times of war or other serious crises. They’re not meant as a failsafe for when the president’s anti-energy policies fall through.

Unfortunately, this is exactly how Biden’s chosen to use the nation’s strategic reserves. Since pulling oil from this source, the president has shipped it over to Europe.

Biden also claims that abusing the country’s strategic reserves in this manner will lower the prices of gas. Like many things said by the current president, this claim is a lie.

In actuality, using oil meant for the US in times of true emergencies will only provide very temporary relief. It does not get to the root cause of high gas prices. What Biden is doing is similar to putting a band-aid over a bullet wound.

Once all the oil the president is pulling from the country’s emergency supply is used up, high gas prices will not have disappeared. However, if Biden keeps on using oil from these reserves and shipping it around the world, our emergency supply will be gone before we know it.

More on Biden’s Oil Policies

Earlier this month, the Interior Department announced the federal government is going to roll back some of the bans it put on oil and gas leases.

However, in doing this, the Biden administration will still make operations more expensive for oil and gas companies by increasing royalty rates and fees.

Sadly, this White House is adamant about standing in the way of domestic energy production in any way possible.

At the rate things are going, it’s going to be quite some time before gas prices go back to where they were two or three years ago.