Biden’s Policy Of Releasing Illegal Aliens Inside U.S. Has Annual $6.6 Billion Price Tag

Joe Biden’s program of “Catch and Release” for illegal aliens crossing into the interior of the U.S. will add more than $6.6 billion each year to the burden felt by taxpayers, according to an analysis published by Breitbart News.

The study was performed by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR) and looked at the economic impact of the Biden Administration’s unprecedented numbers of illegal immigration along America’s southern border.

FAIR President Dan Stein said that the study was undertaken because the public should understand how dramatically the border situation worsened in 2021. He said that the chaotic conditions are no more “transitory” than the spiking inflation hitting the nation, no matter how the White House might spin the information. Stein also noted that the border situation is not happening because of “external factors,” as claimed by the White House.

The report notes that the administration has put unprecedented economic incentives to attract illegal migrants to the border. There has been a fantastic reduction of border enforcement by the administration’s order.

The study shows that Homeland Security in 2021 released more than 285,000 illegals inside the U.S. with nothing more than a notice to show up at an immigration court hearing on some future date. More than 50,000 migrants were released without even a message to come back to court. The report notes that hundreds of thousands more illegal aliens are likely released from custody inside the country.

Biden’s “Catch and Release” policy shows a jump in the number of released border crossers of no less than 2,300 percent over President Donald Trump’s last year in office. Only 14,000 border crossers were released with a notice to come back to court in 2020.

FAIR reported that Homeland Security’s overwhelmed resources resulted in hundreds of thousands more illegals evading capture at the border in 2021. In 2020, DHS estimated around 100,000 people illegally entered the country. In 2021, the number was believed to be approximately 400,000.

The economic analysis of the data indicates that the ongoing cost to American taxpayers due to the current policy will be at least an additional $6.6 billion annually.