Biden’s Polling Gets ‘Even Worse’ After Promise To ‘Only Consider’ Black Women For Supreme Court Position

Joe Biden’s approval numbers among Americans, especially independents, continue to nosedive. His net approval sat at -2 percent when he assumed office and has tanked to -30 percent at the beginning of this month. A new poll from ABC/Ipsos indicates that Biden’s promise only to consider Black women in his upcoming Supreme Court pick is also heavily disfavored by voters.

When Justice Stephen Breyer announced his retirement last month, Biden reaffirmed his campaign trail promise to name a Black woman to the court if given the opportunity. Biden initially pledged to get the endorsement of Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC) before the crucial South Carolina Democratic primary. Clyburn turned out the black vote in the state for Biden, and he surged forward to the Democratic nomination.

The new poll reveals that 76 percent of Americans believe that the president should consider all qualified candidates for the Supreme Court position rather than closing down the process in the name of affirmative action.

Of course, Biden will not be considering all qualified Black women. He obviously will only be looking at candidates with an established far-left philosophy of judicial activism. He will also probably limit his search to Ivy League establishment lawyers.

Around one-third of Americans now believe that the Supreme Court bases its decisions on political reasoning rather than the law. As the court has decided to hear more and more cases in recent decades that the individual states would better resolve under the Constitution, the public perception of the court as a body making political choices has only increased. The court’s credibility is institutionally damaged when it accepts abortion and gay rights cases that should be legally reserved for local political decisions.

The poll also indicates Biden has only 42 percent approval on his handling of the economy. He has a 68 percent disapproval of inflation and a 64 percent disapproval of crime and immigration.

Biden’s decision to maintain a highly unpopular position on his Supreme Court nomination appears to be a further indication of the administration’s desperation as the crucial midterm elections approach this fall.