Biden’s Ukraine Disaster Increases Likelihood of Taiwan Invasion

President Joe Biden’s complete failure to deter Russia from invading Ukraine has long-lasting implications for the peace and security of the rest of the world. His infamous “minor incursion” speech and sending Kamala Harris to the region to try and deescalate the situation was an unmitigated disaster. Now that Russia has invaded, the Biden administration, as well as most of the RINOs in congress, continue to commit huge sums of money and arms to Ukraine.

Although this action is understandable, it is being done without any goals or conditions set for an endpoint for the United States’ involvement. Much like in Afghanistan, the conflict could drag on indefinitely. If that happens, it will drain the resources and political will of the electorate. It will be unlikely that Americans will support getting involved in any other conflict that erupts on the world stage.

Enter China and its stated desire to reunify with Taiwan, which it calls a renegade province. Many observers don’t think it’s if China will invade Taiwan, but when. Eight Republicans sent a letter to President Biden chiding him for his Ukraine response and warning that the likelihood of an invasion by China is at an all-time high because of the administration’s actions.

Unlike Ukraine, a poor country that has very little in the way of strategic resources needed by the United States, Taiwan is the world’s largest chip manufacturer. The entire world relies upon this one supplier. A disruption in the chip supply would be devastating to the United States and the rest of the western world. The United States has a massive strategic interest in the country.

No one in the world fears what President Joe Biden would do. His inability to prevent the invasion of Ukraine, and subsequent entanglement in the ensuing war, may very well embolden China to choose now to take Taiwan. If that happens, it could have major unintended consequences far beyond the pacific theater. The administration must do everything it can to deescalate and end the war in Ukraine. Every day the conflict drags on increases the likelihood of another war breaking out.