Bill Kristol: Trump Is a Bigger Threat to Free Markets Than Warren


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Hatred makes you crazy. There is perhaps no surer example of this principle than Never Trump stalwart Bill Kristol. Early Monday morning, he tweeted that another four years of Donald Trump would be more dangerous for free markets than four years of Elizabeth Warren as president. Not that Warren is anywhere near his first pick…

“I very much prefer Biden or Buttigieg or Bloomberg or Klobuchar to Warren. But the idea that one term of Warren would pose anything like the threat of a second term for Trump to the basic norms and institutions of our liberal democracy, including to free markets, is laughable,” Kristol insisted.

Sure, Kristol is no fan of Elizabeth Warren. But where on Earth does he get the idea that she would do less damage to “the basic norms and institutions of our liberal democracy” — much less to free markets! — than Trump?

Three Ways 2020 Dems Want to Remake the Supreme Court

Trump’s bombastic tweets are a problem, but he is pushing back against the left’s terrifying orthodoxy in business, education, and media. The Trump-Russia collusion hoax enabled politically-motivated bureaucrats and their allies in the news media to stymie the president’s first term. Now, Democrats are politicizing the ultimate constitutional check on a president’s power — impeachment — in a vain attempt to force Trump from office less than a year before another presidential election. The Founders warned against the weaponization of this serious process, but Democrats can’t wait.

In his first term, Trump has cut taxes, slashed regulations, rejected the Obama administration’s assaults on due process and biological sex, confirmed a slate of federal judges and Supreme Court justices who will uphold the plain text of the Constitution, and presided over a growing economy. On balance, his presidency is upholding America’s basic norms and institutions — perhaps too much.

In fact, Trump did not rush to replace Obama-appointed intelligence officials with his own appointees — which let the Russia investigation continue. He failed to repeal Obamacare. He has not fully “drained the swamp,” partially because the swamp is fighting back, hard.

As for Elizabeth Warren, she would decimate American norms, institutions, and especially the free market. Warren wants to abolish the Electoral College. She would ban fracking and pile on more regulations. She would break up agribusiness. She would slash the defense budget. She would strangle funding for charter schools. She would push abortion-on-demand and get rid of the Hyde Amendment. She would pack the Supreme Court. She would force schools and the administration to embrace the radical transgender movement. She would make college “free” through a government take-over. She backs Bernie Sanders’s socialized medicine plan, Medicare-for-All, which would eliminate private insurance. How does any of this uphold America’s “basic norms and institutions?”

Oh, and she pinky-swears she can do all this without raising taxes on the middle class. Instead, she’s only going to tax those evil rich people. Under her tax plan, some investors might see rates above 100 percent. Even assuming the rich wouldn’t alter their behavior due to her taxes — which, of course, they would — a Heritage Foundation study found that taxing the rich at 100 percent of their income wouldn’t come close to paying for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All.

In other words, not only would Elizabeth Warren stifle the free market with more and more regulations and drive competition out of the free market by creating government-run industries in health care and higher education — she would also tax it to death.

Sure, many of Warren’s plans would face tremendous opposition in Congress. But America should not count on congressional deadlock to save the free market from this kind of president. Both Trump and Obama have used the executive branch to further their priorities, and the 2020 Democrats have shown a terrifying willingness to push that authority even further.

What kind of insanity would drive someone to say that Donald Trump — whose tinkering around the edges seems to have fostered economic growth — poses a bigger threat to the free market than Elizabeth Warren — who would practically destroy it?

PJ Media’s Jim Treacher puts it best, “As a RINO cuck traitor who probably wanted Hillary to win, I’m glad Trump is president.” Like him, I didn’t jump on the Trump train — not in the primary and not in the general election. I understand the deep reservations many conservatives have about Trump. I get that Bill Kristol really, really dislikes the guy.

But seriously, you have to be insane to think that Elizabeth Warren would be better for the free market than Donald Trump. If Never Trumpers like Bill Kristol want a future in the Republican Party, they will have to show that they’re not going to sell out their conservative principles just to oppose the man in the White House.

Oh, and not becoming insane might also help.

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    • Bill Kristol is an idiot!! Nothing but a swamp creature!! Just like Romney!! Detest them both
      Used to watch Bill, but not since Trump came along. Can’t even stand the sight of this creep!!! Same for Romney!!! He is nothing but a backstabbing creep!!! Asked Trump to campaign for him and as soon as he got in office, he started his backbiting again! Saw a poll from Utah and they are sick of him too!! He will not get reelected!!

      • As a born and raised Utahn, Mormon, and lifelong dedicated conservative Republican, I think Mitt Romney is the biggest waste I’ve ever seen in my 78 years.

  1. Bill Krystol is a frustrated “has been”, with a failed magazine trying to remain significant, but failing miserably at it!! he’s been on the losing side of most issues. Fought against Trump’s nomination, now fights Trump the President. An all around loser!!

  2. Bill Kristol is further proof that Trump Derangement Syndrome totally destroys cognisant ability! Contract that mental disorder is like having a lobotomy!

  3. Kristol, you prove yourself yet again to be just another TDS idiot blinded by hate with no credibility. Just take a look at the markets…..record, record, record. You are worthless.

  4. Bill Kristol gives new meaning to the word “moron”. An ongoing congenital loser that Bill. His father must be turning over in his grave and hoping that Bill sows his mouth shut.

  5. I use to think Kristol was a has been, turns out he is a “never was”. He talked the talk, but when it was put-up or shut up, his bruised ego couldn’t take it.

  6. I would point out to old Bill that we are not a liberal Democracy but a constitutional representative republic. As far as Trump being worse than Warren; Kristol is so hateful that he prefers a Socialist who would bankrupt the USA and usher in a government designed to morph into full fledged tyranny over a proven successful business man who has brought America back from the brink of financial and political disaster. That is not only foolish but shows that his hate is overshadowing any common sense or intellect he has.

  7. Krystol–where have you been getting your brain FOOD? From a review of what Mr. Trump has done while in office–is more and better then any President since Presiident Reagen. krystol who has been feeding you all this under world lies–why don’t you check out what has been going on since Mr. Trump has been President. Mr Trump

  8. Bill Kristol hates Trump because Trump ruined his game, Kristin has ties to the military industrial complex and Trump is reining in the fraud and abuse by exposing some of the elaborate kick back schemes, waste and abuse and Kristol and his pals do not like that because it ruins their game.

  9. Bill Kristal is INSANELY Stupid, Blind and NEEDS a BRAIN transplant . . . ASAP. What? are you BLIND?!? You ALSO need to get your EYESIGHT checked, as well. and while you’re at it, REIN in your CORRUPTION! Don’t blame POTUS Trump, blame YOURSELF! Team Trump and his allies 2020 – KAGA (Keep America Great Again).

  10. Does this moron have any live brain cells left. Apparently he has been under a rock for the last 3 years and can’t read a stock market report. The crap that the left tries to say is just ridiculous.

  11. I am convinced that most everyone who posts here has no idea what they are talking about.
    I like to visit sites like this to see what Trump’s base is “thinking”.
    Obviously not much thinking is going amongst many of the posters here given the large amount of vulgarity used in these posts.
    If people want to be taken seriously they should stop using vulgarity when they communicate it makes the person using it look idiotic.


  12. Sorry. We are not politically correct robots but we are Americans with Eyes wide open. Bill Kristol is an hate filled idiot and is a pretend conservative. He is the definition of the village idiot. We laugh at the fool. He is a special kind of stupid.

  13. I am tired of free for them trade agreements, and our president is doing what’s best for Americans. Not $hitbags like Kristol. Repeal the 16th amendment and do Tariffs like before or implement the Fair Tax. Income taxes are government slavery and invite political corruption. We used to be #1 in the world for free enterprise, today we are 17th

  14. Bill, have you happened to look at the major stock market levels these days. I believe that today was the 101th time that a new high was seen in the DOW.

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