Bill Maher Pans Biden’s Plan to Run For Reelection

Joe Biden’s plan to seek reelection in the 2024 presidential race has taken a lot of heat more than two years before the election season even begins.

Members of Joe Biden’s own party are dodging questions from reporters about whether they’d support a Biden 2024 run. Meanwhile, left-wing operatives are penning op-eds in papers like The Atlantic and the New York Times, demanding the president not to run again.

As a result, Biden and his team began pushing for a political win to regain the support of Democrats. Amid the passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, Biden’s team hopes this will throw his base a bone.

However, left-wing talk show host Bill Maher believes even though the Inflation Reduction Act recently passed in Congress, it still isn’t enough to get behind a Biden 2024 run.

Maher on Biden and the 2024 Presidential Election
During a conversation with Piers Morgan this week, Maher expressed that it’d be best for everyone if Biden sat out the next election.

The left-wing talk show host explained that Biden should find a younger Democrat to throw his support behind and then step away from the presidency. Progressives have also echoed these claims, branding the president as ineffective and incapable of standing up against political opposition.

Maher went on to say Biden “riding out of town” will give the Democrat Party more momentum and a better image in 2024.

These latest comments follow previous criticisms from Maher of Biden and the growing wokeness coming from the progressive wing of the Democrat Party.

Outrage From the Democrats and More
Following Maher’s comments that Biden should sit out 2024, Democrats erupted with outrage on Twitter. Some called for HBO to cancel Maher’s talk show altogether. Others on the left claimed Maher’s criticism of Biden wasn’t fair and is simply designed to pander to conservatives.

Weeks ago, reports emerged that the White House is frustrated with left-wing pushback against Biden’s reelection ambitions. Biden’s claimed on numerous occasions that he’s going to seek reelection and looks forward to running against former President Trump again.

Meanwhile, multiple polls that showcase a theoretical Trump vs. Biden 2024 race have the former defeating the latter.