Black Bear Attacks 10-Year-Old Boy

On Sunday morning at around 11 a.m., a young boy was mauled by a 250-pound black bear that attempted to drag him away before the animal was fatally shot by police.

The boy was playing near a trampoline in his grandfather’s backyard when the bear came out of the woods and attacked him. The incident took place in Morris, Connecticut.

“I heard him yell ‘bear’ and when I looked up, I saw his leg in the bear’s mouth and the bear trying to drag him across the lawn,” said James Butler, the boy’s grandfather.

Butler uses a wheelchair, but when he heard the commotion he rushed outside and used a metal bar to strike the bear in the head, causing the bear to release his grandson.

After releasing him, however, the bear attacked a second time, trying to drag the young boy into the woods. This time the bear used its claws to try to roll the boy onto his back.

The noise and commotion of the attack alerted a neighbor that something was going on. The neighbor came out of his house screaming and waving a large metal pipe around in the air trying to scare the bear away. His actions worked and the bear left the young boy and his grandfather alone just long enough for them to escape inside their home.

The bear, however, came back and, according to Butler, “We thought he was coming through the screen. No doubt he was a big threat.”

The story ended as well as it possibly could have. The boy went to the hospital with a puncture wound on his leg and claw marks on his back, but the injuries are not life-threatening.

When authorities arrived on the scene, the bear was still nearby. According to one local biologist, “the risk of negative bear-human interactions is increasing as Connecticut’s expanding bear population becomes acclimated to humans and develops a taste for their food.

State officials shot and killed the bear who is now being checked for rabies and other medical conditions.