Blackburn Is ‘Defended’ By Black Female Judge Against Media’s Racism Allegations

Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) has been a lightning rod for Democratic criticism during her time as a conservative senator who strongly supports President Donald Trump and the unfair attacks she has received lately over her opposition of a Joe Biden judicial nominee is no exception.

Radical progressives have attacked Blackburn, describing her as a racist because of her opposition to Memphis Attorney Andre Mathis as a candidate for the federal Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. Mathis is black and has never served as a judge.

However, the criticism of Blackburn falls flat given her recommendation last July of Camille McMullen for the same position. McMullen, a black woman, has been a judge in Memphis since 2008 and has an established track record as an accomplished jurist.

During Mathis’s confirmation hearing last week before the Senate Judiciary Committee, Blackburn criticized Biden’s choice and said it was insulting that the administration did not consult the Tennessee senators before making the nomination.

Blackburn expressed “serious concern” about Mathis’s lack of judicial experience and his criminal record of driving on a suspended license three times after failing to resolve outstanding traffic violations.

Democrats and corporate media outlets quickly described Blackburn’s concerns as racist and unfair. CNN interviewed former NAACP President Cornell William Brooks, who used the opportunity to claim Blackburn was “demeaning a black man.”

Blackburn was defended by Judge McMullen, who praised her consistent support for black women in the judiciary. McMullen said that while she is not a politician, she wanted to thank Blackburn and Sen. Bill Hagerty (R-TN) for recommending her to the Biden White House for the position. McMullen described herself as a “lifelong Democrat” as she thanked Blackburn for supporting diversity in the judiciary.

A Republican Senate aide hammered the media for ignoring Blackburn’s choice to Biden’s poor choice. The aide said that the “establishment media” doesn’t care that Blackburn proposed a black woman as a better choice for the job.

Following last week’s committee hearing, Mathis’s nomination awaits a vote by the committee to be advanced to the full Senate for a confirmation vote.