Boebert Announces Her Opponent Was Bribed After Being Caught Having An Affair

On Thursday, Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) brought attention to reports that her Democratic opponent Adam Frisch was caught having an affair and subsequently bribed to keep the affair a secret.

Boebert made the tweet just a month before midterm elections in what many believe will be a tightly-contested race for the congressional seat.

The report is based on allegations made by an Aspen businessman, who showed video surveillance of Frisch arriving and departing his storage unit facility on May 8, 2017. At the time, Frisch was a member of the Aspen City Council.

The businessman, Todd Gardner, claims that he also has evidence of an email exchange with Frisch in which he bribed the councilman to change his vote on a transportation project. Gardner thought the project would harm his taxi business, so he used the information about the affair to bribe Frisch to change his vote.

As the deciding vote, Frisch went against the transportation project and the plans were scrapped.

Gardner spoke openly about the incident with Breitbart News.

“It absolutely was blackmail,” Gardner admitted. “Was it the right thing to do? No, it probably wasn’t the right thing to do.”

“Was it a necessary thing to do based on the situation and me fighting for our survival and the fact that the city was trying to totally go above and beyond any purview they had to put me out of business basically?” Gardner continued. “It was my fight for survival.”

“I made a choice, just like Adam made a choice to sleep with the woman in the storage unit,” he added.

Gardner stated that he came forward with this information because he believes Coloradans should know that Frisch’s vote is for sale. He also said Frisch had no integrity.

At the same time, Gardner said he does not align with Boebert either.

“I don’t like her. I don’t think she has a clue,” Gardner stated. “I would never donate to her.”

In Thursday’s tweet, Boebert warned voters against sending Frisch to Washington, D.C.

“My opponent was caught having an affair in a storage unit, shaken down by a cab driver & then sold out his vote as a sitting city council member to hide his secret,” she wrote. “Imagine what Pelosi & the DC lobbyists will do with him!”

Boebert and Frisch faced off in their first debate in September.