British TV Star Blasts Meghan Markle

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have attracted a substantial amount of harsh criticism over their Netflix series “Harry and Meghan,” most surrounding the attention-seeking nature of the show in contrast with the couple’s repeated claims that they do not enjoy the limelight.

One of the most outspoken critics of Markle in particular is longtime British television personality Jeremy Clarkson, and he is finding his latest rant against her has landed him in hot water in the U.K. and the U.S.

On Friday, Clarkson wrote of Markle in a piece for The Sun that he “hates her on a cellular level.”

He wrote that he dreams of her being paraded “naked through the streets of every town in Britain” as crowds shame her and throw “lumps of excrement” at her.

To further emphasize his point, he said his hatred of Markle is greater than that he feels for serial killer Rose West and First Minister of Scotland Nicola Sturgeon.

Clarkson accused Markle of taking advantage of Harry, knowing she always planned to force him to leave the royal family and move with her to California. He added that he always saw she would shame the royal family and blame them for her alleged trauma and would be happy to accept book deals, interviews with Oprah, and Netflix specials.

Because of her desire for the media spotlight, Clarkson said: “What makes me despair is that younger people, especially girls, think she’s pretty cool. They think she was a prisoner of Buckingham Palace, forced to talk about nothing but embroidery and kittens. That makes me even angrier. Can’t they see everything that’s happening is so very obviously pre-planned.”

He predicted that Markle would eventually dump Harry after she had used up his money-making capacity. Clarkson said she will then go on to create a Princess Diana-like persona and will “marry a tech billionaire” and have a child “named Peace, Truth, or Love” while Harry is left alone in California as an outcast because an “army of young girls who believe Meghan’s story that the marriage break-up was all his fault.”

If Clarkson’s comments were meant in any part to be a parody of the otherwise glowing reviews of the Netflix series, the entirety of the corporate media wasn’t having it. Virtually every outlet and liberal commentator spent the weekend seething at Clarkson’s harsh words.