“Build Back Better” Cuts Out Childcare By Religious Organizations

Joe Biden and his progressive handlers would like Americans to believe that the “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation bill has something for everyone hidden away somewhere in its more than 2,000 pages. There are some unadvertised losers targeted in the bill, however. One group of organizations that is not intended to benefit are American child care facilities operated by religious institutions.

The provision is still being targeted by some lobbyists and includes standard statutory language requiring all providers that receive funding to comply with federal nondiscrimination rules. Religious organizations are currently exempt and argue that the new rule would stop their child care providers from participating.

Last week, the House passed the bill to stop federal funds from going to child care programs that favor members of their faith or refuse to hire gay applicants.

Currently, about 53 percent of families with kids in preschool or daycare use facilities affiliated with religious organizations. As the bill stands, none of those programs may be eligible for any continued federal funding.

The bill, as it stands, provides almost $400 billion to states for universal prekindergarten and affordable child care. The formula used by the bill is designed to ensure that families of four earning less than $300,000 per year will spend no more than 7 percent of their income on child care. The plan also would ensure that families making less than 75 percent of their state’s median income would pay nothing out of pocket for child care.

The bill expressly does not include religious organizations.

Southern Baptist Theological Seminary President Dr. Albert Mohler described excluding religious school programs from the federal program as part of the radical left’s “moral revolution.”

The progressive left has enshrined the LGBTQ agenda as the centerpiece of federal law to control Congress and the figurehead sitting in the White House. There is little reason to believe that progressives will be willing to make concessions on crippling religious programs that do not conform to their entire plan.

The Build Back Better bill still must be passed by the Senate, where Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) has stated that he will insist that faith-based child care programs be provided for in the bill. The Democrats cannot afford to lose even a single vote in the evenly split Senate if they hope to enact the bill.