But No Mean Tweets! Inflation Hits Hardest Where Biden Says More Spending Will Help

It was reported earlier today that the Biden administration is pleading with OPEC to increase oil output to spare Americans from the tragedy produced by the Biden administration. It comes from the president’s administration, which wishes to convince everyone that trillions more in government expenditure would help bring inflation back under control.
While in terms of inflation, following the area where inflation is at an all-time high.

  • Car rental 73.5% (y/y)
  • Gas 41.8
  • Used cars 41.7
  • Hotels 24.1
  • Airfare 19
  • Utility gas 19
  • Dresses 18.8
  • Wash machines 17.9
  • Pork roast 13.7
  • Moving 13.3
  • Bacon 11.1
  • Steaks 10.7
  • TVs 9.9
  • Fish 8.5
  • Sports equip 7.2
  • New cars 6.4
  • Rent (OER) 2.4

Remember when Biden said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class? Unfortunately, this represents a significant tax on the middle class/working class. Nevertheless, these trends would be terrible for working-class Americans, and they would undo all of Trump’s achievements for them if the Biden administration continued in this direction.

However, Americans are being forced to stretch their last dollar due to Biden’s inflation issue, which is preventing wage growth from occurring. Families would be further harmed by the Democrats’ socialist tax and spending splurge, which will cost them $3.5 trillion. It is widely considered that Biden’s skyrocketing inflation is a covert tax on America’s working class. However, this is not the end; there is still more to come. Americans must now wait for the execution of the so-called infrastructure bill. Since Biden was elected as president, the cost of virtually everything has increased.