Buttigieg Says Supply Chain Emergency Caused By COVID

Joe Biden’s Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg appeared on Fox News Sunday to address the nation’s supply chain crisis as the holiday season rapidly approaches.

“Mayor Pete,” told host Chris Wallace that Biden’s gargantuan “Build Back Better” budget reconciliation spending bill is vital to solving the nation’s supply chain issues and attempted to connect those problems to the COVID pandemic as well.

Buttigieg said that “so many things” happening in the economy, including disruptions in the supply chain, are “clearly a direct consequence of the pandemic.” He added that “the best thing we can do for our economy” is to “put the pandemic behind us.”

Wallace pushed back by asking why the around-the-clock operations at the Port of Los Angeles called for by Biden have not broken up backlogs of containers waiting to be shipped out. He added that a single Long Beach terminal announced that 2,000 appointments for truckers were not filled last week as trucker shortages continue unabated.

Buttigieg still avoided answering by running back to talking points about Biden’s progressive spending agenda. He referred to “getting preschool for every kid” and “making child care affordable” while speaking to anything other than actual transportation issues.

He rambled on into discussing how the spending bill will fight inflation in his view, adding that new federal spending on child care would solve labor supply problems. He also took the opportunity to make the obligatory plea for more people to get the COVID vaccination.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) appeared on the broadcast after Buttigieg and was quick to criticize him for being away from his job completely or holed up in D.C., far away from where the crisis is unfolding. He said that if Buttigieg were interested in “the port issue,” he would fly out to the port and talk to the people involved. Scott added that the problem is typically caused by “some government regulation” or red tape.

Scott added that the Democrats’ spending plan would not do anything to resolve inflation hammering Americans. He said that current increases in government spending are causing the food and gas price increases we are seeing.