California Democrats Reject All Debates With Republican Opponents

It has become a trend nationwide during this midterm election cycle – Democrats everywhere have been reluctant or have flatly refused to participate in public debates against their Republican opponents.

California is leading the way in the boycotts of traditional open discussions for the benefit of voters. Breitbart News reported Thursday that not a single candidate for statewide office from the Democratic Party there has agreed to appear for a debate before voting begins.

Democrats like Gov. Gavin Newsom, Attorney General Rob Bonta, and state controller candidate Malia Cohen are appearing in television and social media ads all over the state every day. They all enjoy the opportunity to hold press conferences where they are able to monopolize the microphone before a compliant corporate press.

Their opponents from the GOP have made their best efforts to call them out for refusing to step away from the controlled environments they crave and engage in open and fair debates. And they are doing so without any substantive help from the media.

Republican Lanhee Chen is running for state controller and has been calling Cohen out for weeks over her refusal to debate. He has even included a dancing chicken as part of his ads taunting Cohen for her cowardice.

GOP candidate for governor state Sen. Brian Dahle on Tuesday offered praise to one local news anchor who agreed to moderate a debate between Bahle and Newsom. Later the same day, candidate for attorney general Nathan Hochman issued a public challenge to Bonta to a minimum of three debates so that voters could compare the two candidates.

Every debate challenge offered by California Republicans has been turned down cold. Even though some media outlets have shown some interest in debates that would obviously have substantial public interest, Democrats are not accepting their calls either.

This year’s abject fear of public scrutiny of their failed progressive agenda is without precedent, even in the Golden State. Former Gov. Jerry Brown was the incumbent candidate in 2014 and had a substantial lead over GOP candidate Neal Kashkari.

Even though the debate was a high-risk, low-reward proposition for Brown, he accepted his public duty to provide transparency to voters. Brown’s inexperience in being questioned about his policy agenda in liberal haven California led to what most observers considered to be a debate loss to Kashakari.

At least ultra-liberal Brown had the political guts to defend his policies in public. This year’s version of radical progressive Democrat candidates have made a different “business decision” about their duties to voters.