California Project Uniting Diverse Groups Against COVID Vaccine Mandates

A new grassroots effort called The Unity Project brings together groups from across the political spectrum in California to fight against government-mandated COVID-19 vaccines for children.

Leaders of the project include philanthropist Jeff Hanson and Dr. Robert Malone, who is credited with inventing the mRNA technology that supports the COVID vaccine. Hanson also serves as the chairman of American Healthcare REIT, which manages real estate investments for healthcare facilities nationwide and in the U.K.

The executive team of The Unity Project includes several internationally known doctors and former government health officials. In a press statement last week, Hanson said that the group needs “our progressive brothers and sisters.”

The Unity Project was launched last month in direct response to the vaccine mandate for all eligible K-12 students announced by Democrat California Governor Gavin Newsom. Hanson said that “we have lost our country” if the government can “hold down healthy 5-year-olds” to inject them with the vaccine.

According to Hanson, the project was launched as activists around California connected through a rush of emails and Zoom calls. Around 100 separate groups eventually joined together after communicating for the first time because of concerns about the vaccine mandate for young children. He added that the collaboration was critical, given the strategy of the project’s opponents to make its members feel “alone, isolated, and powerless.”

The Unity Project is joining its efforts with the Global Covid Summit. That organization comprises more than 14,000 medical researchers and scientists globally. The group has affirmed its opposition to all forced vaccinations and emphasizes the medical efficacy of naturally acquired immunity to COVID-19. It also stands against governmental interference in treatments like ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.

Malone called out to civil libertarians from all political parties and groups to join the project in the press appearance, saying that its mission “boils down to totalitarianism vs. freedom of choice.”

According to Malone, the project intends to grow into a nationwide effort to reach all demographics of concerned parents, including “Latinos, blacks, and granola liberals,” according to Malone. He added a “global populism rising” in response to government overreach.