California School District Promotes “Attacking Whiteness”

In Riverside, California, a school district was forced to reconsider a racist publication it posted and endorsed on its official website.

The district posted an essay titled “Decentering Whiteness” by Jeff Hitchcock and Charley Flint that declares the necessity of dismantling “white supremacy” and says that “attacking whiteness is not enough.” The essay proclaims that “all walks of life” must join together against “whiteness” and says that it seeks “nothing less than a transformation of the foundational structure of our country.”

The school district reportedly cited the essay on its website in several locations, including pages devoted to “Professional Learning,” “Culture and Climate,” and “Community Engagement.” The pages were indexed under the site’s “Equity, Access, and Community Engagement Resources” page.

Since the existence of the essay on the district’s website was reported to the public, all references to the essay and the link to the essay have been removed.

The essay roundly condemns whiteness and details ways to make “whiteness more marginal.” The authors describe a process they call “decentering whiteness” as a “collective process” that wants to occur at all American life levels. In calling whiteness and race what “always structures our experience,” they call for the “decentering” to take place over generations.

The essay says that it is “not enough” to simply “attack whiteness” to accomplish “deconstruction.” It says that assaults without more could only “confirm” American whiteness.

The Federalist reported on the essay, describing it as a sinister attempt to encourage racial division. It said that the work goes on to demand racial conflict, calling for a “multiracial coalition” to displace whiteness.

When asked about removing the essay from the district’s website, communications director Diana Meza said that the district was working on updates to the Equity, Access, and Community Engagement landing page. She said that it “should be back up soon.”