CDC Director Cannot Tell Difference In Number Of Deaths “With” COVID And “From” COVID

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Rochelle Walensky appeared on “Fox News Sunday” last weekend and faced various COVID questions from host Bret Baier. In particular, she was asked to differentiate between the number of American deaths categorized as COVID deaths that have been “from” COVID instead of “with” COVID.

Government reports indicate that over 836,000 Americans have died from COVID, but the official number does not distinguish along the “from” versus “with” line. The factual question boils down to whether a person died from a different cause while testing positive for COVID or the infection itself caused death.

The CDC numbers reveal that up to 95 percent of the COVID deaths involved persons with co-morbidities or other medical conditions. The CDC says that the other 5 percent of deaths that include death certificates with COVID-19 listed as a single condition are likely the result of inadequate detail about medical conditions presented at the time of death.

During the Sunday interview, Baier asked Walensky how many of the 836,000 deaths included co-morbidities and might therefore be “with” COVID. Walensky failed to provide a breakdown of the deaths with co-morbidities numbers.

She said that CDC was “following that very carefully” with the omicron variant. She said that the death registry takes “a few weeks” to assemble and that because omicron was still new, the data is still “forthcoming.”

Baier went on to ask her if her leadership had caused an erosion of the public trust in the CDC, given that she specifically promised to repair the confidence in the agency when Joe Biden appointed her.

Walensky responded by saying that her job is “hard.” She said that the “ever-evolving” science and variants do her job of providing guidance difficult. She added that she is committed to continuing to “improve” in her work.