Chicago School Of Law Another Victim Of Woke Education

The University of Chicago Law School in years past was considered a “conservative” institution, but that designation has flown with its shift towards woke education and DEI initiatives.

A masterful expose by PJ Media exposed just how far down the radical rabbit hole the school has fallen. As with universities in general, law schools are churning out indoctrinated left-wing activists who do not measure up to traditional standards of excellence.

For the exorbitant sum of $106,563 annually, a load of meaningless curriculum choices is hardly what an incoming freshman should expect. But that’s what law students at Chicago encounter.

For example, they may choose to be preached down to in “Critical Race Studies.” The course described itself as “an introduction to critical race theory through reading canonical works by critical race scholars.” If that’s not enough, it gets better.

The course promises to examine ways critical race theory has — or should — be applied to “legal research and law school pedagogy.”

Another prime example of useless scholarship is Chicago’s offering of “Emotions, Reason, and the Law.”

Is it any wonder that federal judges are now hesitant to take on law clerks from supposedly elite institutions? Two jurists on the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, James Ho and Elizabeth Branch, recently announced they will no longer consider applicants from Stanford Law School.

This follows both making the same pledge toward clerks of Yale Law School last year. Their recent action is also retaliation for woke students and Stanford’s “diversity dean” attacking a conservative judge who tried to speak at the school.

Chicago may not be far behind. Especially when considering other course offerings such as “Public Law in the Time of Trump.”

Part of the course description promoted a survey of “President Trump’s controversial policies and actions.” As if actions by Biden and Obama did not stir controversy.

Clinics offered to students hardly fare better. From the “Abrams Environmental Law Clinic” to the “Civil Rights and Police Accountability Project,” little is being done for traditional law while much is taught to promote left-wing activism.

Concerned parents owe it to themselves and especially their young ones to know what is being spread by law schools and other institutions under the guise of “teaching.” Only when the dollars disappear will administrators forsake woke indoctrination and return to sound traditional instruction.