Chinese Surveillance State Is Becoming The Model For ‘Worldwide Control’

When China unleashed COVID-19 upon the world, it changed international relations. Whether intentional or accidental, COVID-19 originated from the middle kingdom. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took the opportunity to expand its already extensive video systems and police state tactics. Chinese residents who were positive for COVID-19 had recorders installed at their homes to keep them in isolation.

Surveillance state programs are ideal for an immense country attempting to perfect what the KGB and Stasi undercover work and social control did, ruling by fear. Governments worldwide are experimenting with computerized surveillance, facial recognition, ID tracking, and vehicle surveillance.

Free speech on the web does not exist in China. Threats against freedom create an atmosphere of fear and dread. People are afraid that their information will be perused or recorded and punished and reeducated. What arises in China won’t stay there.

China is expanding its influence to give the CCP extreme command individuals it controls and the Big Tech companies it can partner with. China’s technology and use of cameras at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games guarantees that nobody can avoid being tracked.

China’s dictator wants to control 1.4 billion residents. He can personally end-use of online connections and social media. It is the dream of an authoritarian state with a truly global reach. China is ranked 177 out of 180 in its 2021 World Press Freedom Index right next to its barking bulldog North Korea.

CCP has command over personal data, political captures, unlawful killings, and torture. China’s substantial social credit score system restricts their opportunities, the way the Big Tech and our intersectional system is doing in the US. Add in the vaccine mandate requiring citizens of the US to get injected with God-knows-what, and you have tyranny rising at home.

China’s social credit attempted to enforce immoral compliance at the point of a gun. In 2022, China will have 2.76 billion cameras. China has quickly embraced CCTV (closed-circuit TV) to not only halt crime but to force accepted practices, words, and thoughts. The facial is used to regulate commerce and access, fine and causing public disgrace to whomever the CCP targets.

China has the most extensive surveillance network in the world. Half of the surveillance cameras utilized in industrialized nations are made in China. And this power and influence are expanding. Government orders for facial recognition and surveillance technology have rapidly increased. The CCP has been pushing to become the global superpower in tracking, monitoring, and controlling people. The UK and UAE are just two nations that have used systems tied back to Chinese companies.

If the civilized world does not get its head out of the sand, freedom itself will be lost. Suppose we do not ban all financial and technological connections to China. In that case, the CCP will not only continue to blackmail and compromise the leaders of democratic countries, but it will control the citizens of these nations too. And that is a dark world we cannot stand for.