Chris Wallace Takes Heat Over Calling Jen Psaki One Of Best Ever Press Secretaries

Regular Fox News viewers have often questioned anchor Chris Wallace’s objectivity since the Trump presidency. Now Wallace is taking some heat over his fawning praise of Joe Biden’s Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

Wallace discussed the interactions between Psaki and Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy during an appearance on the network Friday. Psaki and Doocy have established a record of sometimes complex exchanges during press briefings. Psaki is typically dismissive and condescending toward Doocy when he is asking questions.

During the Friday press briefing, Doocy questioned Psaki about Joe Biden’s failure to visit the southern border at any time during the immigration crisis he has created.

Psaki avoided answering questions about why Biden has not been to the border, deflecting by saying that he has become “well-versed” in all parts of the immigration system over the years. She added that his travels to Mexico and Central America while serving as vice president and his legislative work on immigration reform laws with Democrats and Republicans in the past are sufficient to explain his failure to see the current situation on the Mexican border.

Wallace said that Doocy and Psaki are both “at the top of their game.” He said that Doocy has become “the Sam Donaldson of this White House press corps.” He added that he thinks Psaki is “one of the best press secretaries ever.”

He has previously worked as a White House correspondent for NBC News and added that his statement comparing Doocy to Donaldson was a “very grudging compliment.”

Wallace’s comment drew expected praise from Biden supporters, but others were not so charitable. ACT! for America founder Brigette Gabriel tweeted: “TURN OFF FOX NEWS.”

One commenter on Gabriel’s take said that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, “even activists posing as journalists, but that is a bold statement.” Another commenter said they were not surprised at Wallace’s comment, adding that he is “a Democrat protecting his fellow Democrat.”

Political commentator Sebastian Gorka wrote, “Chris Wallace, @FoxNewsSunday, you’re a clown.”