CNN Anchor: Fetterman’s Fracking Response ‘Counterfactual’

It’s a bad sign for Democrats when the liberal media is forced to state what is glaringly obvious to the rest of the nation. CNN’s Erin Burnett on Wednesday admitted to her “Outfront” audience that Pennsylvania Lt. Gov. John Fetterman “was struggling” in Tuesday night’s debate.

Further, the host called his evasive answer on the fracking issue “counterfactual” and declared that the overall performance “was tough at moments to watch.”

Burnett said that Fetterman was trying to “change the subject” from his disastrous showing this week in which the effects from his stroke earlier this year were visible to all.

And while there is no reasonable person who does not have sympathy for such a serious medical condition, it cannot be ignored that the Democratic candidate told an outright falsehood when asked a specific question.

Even CNN’s Burnett had to acknowledge that Fetterman clearly stated that “I support fracking” after he had “categorically stated that he did not.” She added that his wording in response to the question “was actually just wrong.”

The candidate is clearly trying to walk on both sides of the fence, as the fracking industry provides financial support to tens of thousands of Pennsylvanians, particularly near his home in the western part of the state.

The record, however, is specific and undeniable.

As a candidate for lieutenant governor in 2018, Fetterman spoke to progressive YouTube channel “Real Progress in Action.” He proclaimed that “I don’t support fracking at all and I never have.”

He further noted that he signed the “no fossil fuels money pledge” and had not received any funding “from any natural gas or oil company.”

Two years prior to this comment, Fetterman called fracking “a stain” on Pennsylvania in a Reddit post. He admitted that the industry is tough to fight due to its grip on the state.

That same year, as he lost his first bid for Senate, Fetterman endorsed a moratorium on the industry to wrangle an extraction tax and implement tighter drilling restrictions.

This all came before Tuesday’s now infamous “I do support fracking” response to the debate audience. Playing both sides of an issue is as old as politics itself, but in Fetterman’s case, the evidence is too clear and convincing for him to get away with it.