CNN Forced to Admit the Truth About the Southern Border

For the longest time, CNN has been one of the greatest defenders of Joe Biden.

During the 2020 presidential election, CNN infamously helped bury and discredit the infamous story about the laptop of Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden. It has since come out that the story about Hunter’s laptop was true and not the Russian disinformation the media claimed it was.

The series of disasters stemming from Biden’s leadership are making it harder for even his strongest allies to spin things. The writing on the wall is getting clearer and clearer, forcing more people to admit the truth.

This explains why CNN has finally acknowledged the complete mess the president has made of things on the US southern border, per The Blaze.

CNN on the Southern Border Under Biden

Over the next month and a half, hundreds of thousands of migrants could be caught trying to enter America, according to Border Patrol chief Raul Ortiz.

Ortiz made this announcement on CNN, causing news anchor Brianna Keilar to be taken aback. In response to this development, Keilar stated the predicted number of migrants to come is “a lot” and forced American officials to “scramble” in preparation.

The Border Patrol chief also revealed that 8,000 migrants illegally trying to enter the United States could be taken into custody. Once again, Keilar was taken aback.

Unfortunately, CNN is one of many forces responsible for propping up Biden during the 2020 presidential election season and even attempting to cover for him during the earliest days of his presidency.

No Word from the White House

About a year ago, Vice President Kamala Harris was put in charge of handling issues on the southern border. Harris was supposed to get to the bottom of illegal immigration’s “root causes” and then fix things.

Unfortunately, Biden making Harris the point person on the southern border has not made the situation any better. 8,000 projected apprehensions is a lot.

This projection also comes at a time when Border Patrol is stretched thin enough as it is. Meanwhile, this update from the Border Patrol chief comes as Biden has openly announced that America is going to take in thousands of refugees from Ukraine.

To many Americans, getting the southern border fixed and back under control should be a priority for this administration. On numerous occasions, Biden has been urged to reinstate the Trump-era border policies that he rolled back in early 2021.

So far, the president has refused to do this. Now, America is paying the price for it.