CNN is Now Calling Out Biden’s Low Poll Numbers

Joe Biden’s poll numbers have been consistently down the drain. The polls also show that Americans want Biden to do better on immigration, crime, inflation, the economy in general, and a host of other issues.

Yet, despite the clear and consistent feedback from the American public, the president hasn’t taken any truly serious action to improve his poll numbers. Instead, Biden appears content with just lying to the American public and then hoping these lies stick if he says them loudly and frequently enough.

This strategy is not working out so well for the president. In fact, his poll numbers have fallen so low that even CNN (of all outlets) has no choice but to call it out, according to Twitchy.

CNN Holds Biden’s Feet to the Fire

As a news outlet with deeply left-wing leanings, it’s par for the course for CNN to defend various Democratic figures and officials. Yet, in Biden’s case, his approval ratings across multiple polls are so horrendous that CNN can’t even explain it away.

CNN reported earlier this week that across several different polls, Biden’s approval ratings range from 33% to 42%. The left-wing publication was also forced to admit these are some of the worst poll numbers for a president ever.

The averages reported by CNN also show that Biden’s approval ratings are well below where Trump’s ratings stood during the same time in his presidency.

At this time, the factors having the worst impacts on Biden’s poll numbers continue to be gas prices and inflation. These two things are having the most direct impacts on the American people each and everyday.

The White House should expect Biden’s approval ratings to keep sinking unless he makes some serious changes that Americans have called for. At the top of the list is cutting back on spending.

Poor Timing for Democrats

With the midterm elections being about seven months out, the president’s horrible poll numbers are very bad for Democrats.

Democrats know they’re going to lose these elections. This is why they’re scaremongering about projected GOP wins, claiming that democracy itself will no longer exist if Republicans win back Congress.

When Democrats reference “democracy,” they don’t really mean real democracy. Sadly, the left has turned “democracy” into nothing more than a code word expressing their interest in holding power.

If Biden and the Democrat Party truly cared about democracy, they’d be listening to the feedback of Americans calling for major changes of current policies.