CNN President Zucker Calls Cuomo A Liar

Chris Cuomo decided against leaving quietly when CNN finally fired him amid allegations of physical harassment added to the report that he provided publicity assistance to his brother, disgraced Democratic ex-governor of New York Andrew Cuomo. Chris Cuomo said that CNN President Jeff Zucker knew all about his actions at the network to help his brother.

When allegations of misconduct against Cuomo surfaced in May, Zucker stood by the anchor, saying Cuomo had “made a mistake.” Zucker added that he was not surprised that Cuomo wanted to help his brother and that suspending him at that time would be useless punishment.

When Cuomo’s activities’ details were further developed last week and an unrelated claim of lewd misconduct was revealed, things suddenly ended with Cuomo’s termination on Saturday. Zucker was allegedly surprised and decided to fire Cuomo through a telephone call.

A Cuomo spokesperson then said on Sunday that Cuomo had the “highest level” of respect and admiration for Zucker and the two were “extremely close.” The statement added no secrets between the two about Cuomo’s brother’s support.

CNN then issued a statement saying that Cuomo had “grossly mischaracterized” the circumstances around his termination. The statement said that Cuomo had made several “patently false” accusations, adding that his untrue claims, in addition to his “lack of candor,” reinforced the reasons supporting his firing.

CNN was notified late last week by attorney Debra Katz that Cuomo allegedly engaged in repeated lewd misconduct with a former co-worker at CNN who has chosen to remain anonymous for the time being.

Katz was asked why her client had decided just now to make her accusations public. She said that her client saw Cuomo’s statements on-air, claiming he always supported victims of physical harassment and was moved to come forward.

She added that her client approached her because of Cuomo’s hypocrisy and her feeling of disgust because of his work to discredit Andrew Cuomo’s victims.