College students answer loud and clear when asked about a possible Hillary Clinton 2020 bid: ‘Go home!’


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Earlier this month, Campus Reform’s Eduardo Neret visited George Washington University in Washington, D.C., to ask students their thoughts on a potential 2020 presidential run from former Secretary of State and failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

As previously reported by TheBlaze, Clinton is reportedly considering a 2020 presidential bid if she sees a viable path to the White House. The former secretary of state also reportedly thinks about the election and about President Donald Trump “all the time.”

If Clinton opted to run, this would be her third presidential campaign.

What are the details?

A vast majority of the students Neret interviewed said that they would absolutely not support another Clinton bid for president.

Here are some of the more interesting responses:

  • “Just associating with her in general as a party is probably going to be a bit toxic for [Democrats’] brand. Go home. Retire.”
  • “She kind of had her shot in 2016, and I’m kind of tired of hearing about her.”
  • “I think her time has come and passed, and there’s other people that are more qualified, especially since she lost two presidential campaigns in a row.”
  • “If the Democrats want to beat Trump, I don’t think it would be wise for her to run.”
  • “She has a tendency to kind of put a negative spin on everything, and I don’t think that that’s what the country needs right now. No.”
  • “She’s not really politically relevant anymore.”
  • “Don’t run. Stay out of the race if you want to put your party over your own self-interests.”
  • “Come on. No.”
  • “I don’t see why anyone would vote for her at this point.”
  • “Probably not. I’d be wasting my vote.”
  • “I don’t think it’d be wise for Democrats to support her.”
  • “I think she’s looking for ways to remain relevant.”
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  1. Hillary is a loser. More importantly, she comes from a dark place. She isn’t a leader and she definitely would bring the Democratic Party down. “Go Home, Hillary”.

      • No, don’t condemn a dog to be with a horrible, disgusting Progressive Socialist Communist Fascist Racist Democrat who hates freedom, God and America. Why can’t people see that if Russia wanted anyone for president, it would have been Comrade Clinton. They want more Uranium and more Billions for their ally Iran. Who in turn would buy weapons from Russia. It would be a Win, Win, Win for RUSSIA.

      • No, don’t condemn a dog to be with a horrible, disgusting Progressive Socialist Communist Democrat who hates freedom, God and America. Why can’t people see that if Russia wanted anyone for president, it would have been Comrade Clinton. They want more Uranium and more Billions for their ally Iran. Who in turn would buy weapons from Russia. It would be a Win, Win, Win for RUSSIA.

    • Wrong, james, The True Crook & Clown Around Is None Other Then CRAZY donald & D for DUMB trump! What That Oval Office SICKO Needs To Do Is To Retire From Pretending To Be A Real Human Being!

      • What is truly sad is you have no idea of what you are talking about. You must lack knowledge of real American History. You would know there has not been one good Democrat President. Everyone of them has done far, far by far the most treasonous, hateful, racist, sexist things before, during and after being president. From Wilson, Roosevelt, the rotten Kennedy’s, Carter, Clinton, And yes Obama. I will give you that our President does come across too strongly and is not diplomatic but NO-ONE CAN SAY HE IS NOT A PATRIOT AND AMERICA COMES FIRST. EVERYTHING HE HAS DONE WAS FOR AMERICA AND CITIZENS OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY. NO DEMONCRAT HAS EVEN COME CLOSE TO MAKE AMERICA SOUND. JUST THINK IF THE DEMONCRAT PARTY WOULD HELP HIM WHERE OUR COUNTRY WOULD BE TODAY. IF THE REPUBLICANS DID ONE HUNDREDTH OF WHAT THE DEMONCRATS HAVE DONE TO OBAMA THEY WOULD HAVE BEEN the loudest outcry against all Republicans. So start thinking for yourself an study real true History.

      • Betty, your JUVENILE response is beneath the level of intelligence required of a third grader. If you are the future of this country, we’re screwed. You’re illiterate

      • NOPE. I totally agree about Clinton being a Socialist and being bad for OUR country. But ignorance is shown when calling Hillary out for wanting Socialism in OUR country & in the same sentence talking down about OUR President Donald Trump. Are any of you following what the Democratic Party is doing??? When the Republican Party filed impeachment papers on him they 1st took a vote. The same way the Democrats did when they went after President. Nixon.

        But with OUR President now; Nancy Pelosi & Adam Schiff DON’T want to take a vote. Instead; they are holding these so-called “CLOSED DOOR” the basement. No Republicans are ALLOWED & NO MEDIA is allowed. They have been badgering witnesses they have called to testify. This info comes from a FEW Republicans that know this is nothing but a “LYNCHING MOB”. But when Trump’s people call it a lynching mob the Democrats call them RACIST.

        But back when Clinton was being impeached the Democrats used the same language. You can pull all of it up on U-Tube. But the HUGE difference is the fact that the Republican Party did the RIGHT thing. Their impeachment meetings were held in PUBLIC. That way the Republicans & Democrats were ALLOWED to ask questions of ALL witnesses. And the MEDIA was allowed. That way ALL Americans could hear what was being asked.

        But the Democrats are just sending others from the Party outside to CNN and throwing little bits out there to them that then gets aired to the people. But it’s what the they want EVERYONE to think But CNN thinks WE THE PEOPLE are just downright STUPID. Which some are for sure because they BELIEVE this garbage. The Democrat Party Used to be ALL about Democracy. But not anymore. Barack Obama said OUR country would be taken over from WITHIN OUR BORDERS. Why do you Millennials & Liberals think Pelosi & the rest of her Party keep pushing for OPEN borders??? STOP & just use your brain GOD gave you. THE ENTIRE PARTY WANTS SOCIALISM.

        They ALL are offering FREE stuff. NOTHING IS FREE. Somebody has to pay for it. And if some of you would look at the budget you ALL would see there is not nearly enough money to pay for Medicare for all & FREE COLLEGE. And if some of you think we can just print more money to take care of all this FREE STUFF; then you people DESERVE exactly what this Democratic Party has planned. They know OUR President has done some great things for OUR country & OUR people since he’s been in the Oval Office. So many Blacks & Latino’s have left the Dem. Party because they are reaping benefits and they know if ANY one of these LEFTIST candidates go in as President they will lose their jobs to these ILLEGALS. WHY??? Because they will work for pennies on the dollar. And they will come after EVERYONE’S Guns. But the Gangs &?THUGS will still have theirs.

        The MAJORITY of us want to keep OUR family protected. And we know OUR President will NEVER take OUR guns. People know their money in their banks (saving accounts) are SAFE. But it WON’T be if they take over. But Nancy Pelosi & Schiff are now running a little scared. Because as of Thurs. Mr.Durham’s findings have now turned into a “CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION” And within the next TWO weeks Mr. Horowitz’s report will be delivered and it will be SHARED with almost ZERO Re-factions to EVERYONE. And it already has some Democrats from the Obama administration &,Democrats NOW that are ALREADY starting to throw each other under the bus. Clapper has already been on the Rush Limbaugh show saying he was just doing what President Obama told him to do. THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION SAT BACK AND LET HILLARY CLINTON CREATE THAT FAKE DOSSIER. Then Comey LIED under oath along with other top FBI personnel to get Hillary off. And then they used the FAJE dossier to obtain ILLEGAL warrants.

        Then came the RUSSIA INVESTIGATION. But Mueller couldn’t give Nancy Pelosi & Schumer the goods to IMPEACH OUR President. So when that FAKE mess ended they had to have SOMETHING. This enters the Whistleblower. But Schiff said he had NEVER talked to or seen this person until he cane forward. But we find out that was yet another Lie. Come to find out; Schiff & the rest of these FILTHY CROOKS knew along who he was. Why??? Because they have worked very closely with him. OUR President is NO idiot. He & his administration knew it was about his call to Ukraine; so the President just released the ENTIRE call. The whistleblowers report was totally FALSE. Even the Ukrainian President went on LIVE TV & said President Trump was exactly correct. And now it’s FUNNY how Nancy & Schiff cane out this week & said in a PR that NO-ONE would probably end up seeing or hearing from the Whistleblower. WELL WHY??? Isn’t it amazing they just all of a sudden have TWO more that just cane forward.

        YEP. This was long. But it just goes to show how IGNORANT, STUPID or just BRAINWASHED a small portion of people in GOD’S GREAT COUNTRY can be. And believe me. I couldn’t have made ALL this stuff up. Most of us RED-BLOODED” Americans just want to know the TRUTH. So we research, listen to a little news, do a little You-Tubing from past interviews. And we know which websites are FAKE & which ones that cover both sides. But we DEFINITELY know not to be STUPID enough to believe ANYTHING the Democrats from behind “CLOSED DOOR” meetings leak little little things to CNN& MSNBC.
        One thing for sure. If this was LEGAL; the President; himself would the right to ASK his accusers QUESTIONS. As would the Republicans. ONLY LYING CHEATING PEOPLE VOTE FOR OTHER LYING CHEATING PEOPLE.


    • Just too much swamp corruption with the Clintons.
      Bengazzi, nuclear fuel sale, Clinton Foundation, stealing money from Haiti disaster, sending hard currency 1.5 billion in cash to Iran, the endless Clinton body bags that keep popping up. No Hitler you embody enriching yourself at the swamp feeding trough. Goodbye. Not I’m back

  2. WOW! . . . looks like COLLEGE STUDENTS are smarter than the DNC. They see RIGHT THROUGH her. She has NOTHING to contribute but FAILED LEFTIST policy after FAILED LEFTIST policy. She would be BAD for AMERICA. She belongs in PRISON instead.

  3. She would be very bad for this country. She’s anti-American and thinks of nothing but her own interests. Stay out of our politics as you are a vindictive woman. She has nothing to offer, “THE PEOPLE” have spoken twice, and twice she went home with her tail tucked between her legs. She is wrong, for well, everything.

  4. Hillary Clinton has so tarnished her reputation and whatever legact she hoped to achieve that her continued presence in the public eye demeans her and the Democrat Party. She is bad for the U.S. Her e-mail scandal should put her in prison and her pay-to-play scandal with the Clinton Foundation should put her and Bill Clinton in prison. She in not above the law. In the past many high public officials have gone to prison, notably in the Tea Pot Dome scandal of the 1920’s and the Watergate fiasco of the 1970’s. Thus, Hillary’s prosecution for crimes she committed will show the American people there is not a two tier system of justice.

  5. She is complicate in the fake dossieay, the BENGASIE fiasco, the uranium one deal.
    the bleach pit of the hard drive the smashing of black berry phones, the removed sim cards, just to mention a few. She was not a inspiring canidate. In 2008 when she was running against NOBAMA she stated if a call came in at 3:00 AM NOBAMA would not pursue action.

  6. Does Hillary REALY think she has a chance, people do not want her, their tired of hearing her and the Many reason why she lost,she needs to just shut up and go home.

  7. Hillary-make-up-her-own-facts, should just forget about politics. Americans DON’T want her. Not content with her own failures, now, she’s pushing her dumb daughter in as a surrogate! She’s just an old, washed-up, bitter hag desired by no one, especially her husband, dottering Bill, whose every other word today was incoherent, while Hillary sat in the audience smiling broadly, like the dumb broad she is. If she won’t go away, LOCK HER UP!!!

  8. There are no good words to describe the Queen of Lies Clinton who dwells in the lowest caverns of the cesspool of the swamp. What we see in this creature is the evilest of EVIL. She does not have the courage to run, because she knows she will be humiliated. God Bless President Trump. #KAG

  9. In all reality none of the communist leftists should be in running. Obumer should be in prison both Clinton’s should be in prison. Hillary is so corrupt just go home to the hills of Arkansas and your mafia friends

  10. I agree with the college students on Hillary! Go home, take your daughter with you and be the grandmother to your grandkids! The American people do not need you! TRUMP 2020! ❤️❤️

  11. HRC, the evil witch, should disappear and dwell in the lowest cauldron in hell where she belongs along with her daugter who’s just, if not worse, than her evil mother.

  12. Hillary from HELL is so self-centered & corrupted, she can’t fathom the thought that the majority of the US Hates her. Prison would be to good for her, of course it would be one of those Club Med places if she did go. Hillary get out of our country !

    • Hey, r j g, Simply switch the name “Hilary” for the name “trump” & the words (HE & HIM) for the words (SHE & HER) & you hit it right on, 100 percent correct about the LADY & The LUNATIC, mr. White House WORTHLESS WORM & mrs. White House Wedded WORTHLESS WHORE!

      • You are very lucky to live (or whatever you do to pump out these vile anti USA comments) if you were in a different religious country you would as a anti government office policies. Hillary Clinton lost the election. Huge amount of voter fraud in her favor. Still she lost. And all of the registered Democrats I know think she is TOXIC. Fact is, she Is!!

  13. The Democrats want to put Trump in jail even though he hasn’t committed any crimes. And here is a woman wanting to run for president who has committed many crimes. This just doesn’t make sense. Oh, but that’s right. She’s a Democrat. So evidently that puts her above the law???


  15. Hillary, please get on your high horse and ride into the sunset some where in the sahara and stay there, you’r e the one who should have been impeached you and the dems have done a lot of things worse than Trump.

  16. For 50 years she has been the paid representative and operative of the anti- American neocons that worked to destroy the American Republic. Were tired of her and her Master King George Soros and Sons and all the destructive organizations and PR companies they fund all over the world.

    • It’s d trump who is American’s Poison! GOD save Us All from That MENTALLy ILL MONKEY, That Blond Haired, Brain Dead Oval Office ORANGUTAN APE!

      • Betty, You keep blaming trump When he has only been in politics 4 years and in charge for 3and HRC and the rest of the demons have made it their lives ambition to be a parasite to the American people and suck the life out of our country. They are liars and thieves,( white house artifacts ). Put her in jail. Go home and take Betty with you, she has had too much KOOL Aid.

  17. Most of the students see right through Hillary. You do have a few idiots that hate Trumps. Hillary and all the dam Demorats needs to be hung on the White House Lawn.

    • grandma d maybe take all the demrats out to a desert and line then up for target practice why waste good rope AND MAKE SURE THAT THE OBAMAS AND THE CLINTONS ARE FIRST IN LINE OH and i do believe that finally @ least some college students are waking up to the fact that clinton is a low life back stabbing America hating p.o.s. that all that skank wants is power she doesnt give a DAMM about our country or us so the old ugly skank should just shut her ugly face and GO HOME GO TO HELL WHERE YOU CAME FROM

  18. President Trump has done more for this country and its people than any president since Ronald Reagan. America is waking up to the lying, twisted news media, aka the fake news reporters, and the corrupt self seeking politicians of our nation. Hillary Clinton is among the last people this country needs as president. TRUMP 2020

  19. Clintons are making so many deals in other countries right now, behind fellow Americans backs. I heard that she may be tied to Deals involving Canada and India.
    There was a head line that stated Clinton was tied to the brother of the most recent ndp leader in that his 2 brothers were arrested for fraud and tied to Clinton’s.
    Another issue:
    Who signed the contract for all of our USA army ammunition to be manufactured in London Ontario Canada? This resulted in thousands of job losses for over 10 years! Maybe Obama? Not sure.

    Trudeau got in and was endorsed by Obama, hmmm lots of deals going on behind our backs! Please find answers!

  20. She knows she has nothing to contribute. She had nothing in 2016 either; no platform just Trump bashing. She wants only to be first woman president. That’s all that matters.

  21. Hillary is possess from Evil that is why she want to destroy America . Do not worry the devil will take her soon to the burning hell with all the radical Democrats. They will be all exposed and.panicking

  22. Run Hillary run, the demonicRATS NEED YOU IN THEIR CORNER … We’ll mock you every step of the way, bring AOC and Beto as your VP pair. You’ll need the help standing. President Trump will mop the floor with you and then you’ll finally be irrelevant as you always have been. Biggest “govmint” lacky the world has ever seen. Your tenure as sec-of-state was a disaster and your treatment of four American heroes was, and still is despicable. Your half white boss was, and is just as despicable as you still are.

  23. Hillary you are such a lowlife that needs to be put out to pasture. Nobody wants you around because you are such a terrible, horrible, deplorable piece of s**t of a person. The world will be a better place without you in it. You are done and you have been TRUMPED. I’m glad that I personally helped our President Trump hand you your defeat again. The only place that you need to go is prison for the rest of your sorry pathetic deplorable life. You wanted to be something that you could never be. And that eats at the core of your deranged mind. You have shown everyone in the world that you are not worthy of being an American. So go find another place to live that will serve your needs. We don’t need or want you in our America so get the hell out and don’t come back. And take the rest of the lying do nothing democrats with you.

  24. The best thing to come out of this Clinton name is that the Clintons did not have a son to carry on their family name. We will never see the Clinton name again in politics that is directly related to the Billybulls**t and Hilahore Clinton name by DNA. The only reason the Clinton name will ever show up in politics again is, that the black street walker (prostitute) Billybulls**t had an encounter with produced a son (remember the campaigne where this half black person claimed he was Clintons son?) , This person even wrote (and on a interview) to Clinton asking him to submit a sample of his DNA to verify the positive or negative truth and Clinton never responded. Sure would like this half black son of Clinton is proved to be Clinton’s son and enters politics. Just think of all the SNL, comedians, talk show hosts and others will have commenting on this. Billybulls**t and Hilahore will take this lifetime of shame to their graves. I wonder how Chelsea will handle this when it is proven she has a brother.

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