Comer Ready To Expose More Biden Payments From ‘Adversaries All Over The World’

House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) has promised that he will soon be revealing new evidence of funds wired to the Biden family from foreign countries, including U.S. adversaries.

Comer’s comments come after a bombshell report on Friday confirmed that Hunter Biden-linked bank accounts received payments totaling $5.1 million from a Chinese firm after Hunter sent a threatening WhatsApp message to Chinese businessman Henry Zhao — claiming in the message that his father, Joe Biden, was sitting next to him in the room in an attempt to intimidate Zhao.

During a Saturday appearance on Newsmax’s “The Balance” with Eric Bolling, Comer vowed to give the American people more evidence in the form of bank records and wire transfers.

“Let me assure the American people…we have bank records that came in this week that we’re going through that we think are going to show more wires from more countries,” the Oversight Committee chairman said. “Remember, we just disclosed two countries thus far, we’ve disclosed China and Romania. There are still some more Chinese wires that we have yet to present to the American people.”

Comer went on to note that he already has evidence confirming numerous “mysterious” wire transfers.

“And there are a lot of wires, mysterious wires from Ukraine and Russia, that we’re about to expose,” he said. “So, this is just the beginning for the Bidens. All the Department of Justice is doing is standing in our way.”

“We are still producing results, every day, that shows this family, the President of the United States’ family, has received millions and millions of dollars from our adversaries all over the world,” Comer continued, adding that “they can’t explain why” or “what they did to produce that money.”

The Oversight Committee chairman also condemned the Department of Justice and Attorney General Merrick Garland — responding to Garland’s claims from a press conference on Friday that he was not presiding over a two-tiered system of justice that gave Hunter Biden a sweetheart deal on tax and gun charges.

“He just stood up and lied to the American people,” Comer explained. “Merrick Garland has destroyed the reputation of the Justice Cabinet. He has destroyed the reputation of Justice in America. He needs to go.”

“There’s no way he can defend the indefensible by saying that he has treated Democrats in the same manner that he has treated Republicans—specifically, the way he treated the president of the United States’ son,” he added.

Despite knowing about Hunter Biden’s crimes, the IRS refused to investigate, according to Comer.

“The IRS knew about this, they knew about it because the Federal Government had records of it in the Treasury Cabinet, of their money laundering and tax evasion, yet they do absolutely nothing to Hunter Biden for any of that,” he said, adding: “They give him a slap on the wrist for the failure to pay millions of dollars in taxes that happened six years ago.”