Conflict In Ukraine Continues

For nearly two months now, the Russian regime has been launching measured attacks on Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin decided that Ukraine would not be the Biden family’s vassal state, and he launched an invasion to keep the NATO military alliance from further advancing onto Russia’s borders.

At the same time, he is furious that this war in Ukraine is being prolonged by billions of dollars in weapons and aid being delivered by the West. U.S. intelligence had falsely claimed that Russia would declare war on Ukraine on May 9, but, as the fictitious ‘Ghost of Kyiv,’ this intelligence has proven false.

Ukrainians are dragging the war out against an overwhelmingly stronger enemy, and many more than necessary are dying as a result.

Assistance to Ukraine
The United States and other western nations have made it a point to send billions — that could have been spent on their own populations — in aid and assistance to Ukraine. These levels of funding are the only thing keeping the Western proxy forces in the fight.

Americans may face food shortages and continued inflationary impacts as a direct result of the West rallying to support Ukraine in this fight. But it is imperative that Hunter not lose his connections in Ukraine, so America will fight on.