Congressional Candidate: Susan Rice Likely Behind FBI Trump Raid

In a Saturday interview with Breitbart News, Republican candidate for Congress Carl Paladino said that deep state operatives like Susan Rice are likely the driving force behind the FBI raid of President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home last week.

Paladino is running in New York’s 23rd Congressional district, where a special election is set for August 23 to fill out the remainder of the term of Republican Tom Reed, who resigned in May. The district lies in Western New York and includes the city of Ithaca.

Paladino said he believed permanent bureaucrats must have been responsible for the raid, in as much as Joe Biden “isn’t all there” and is on vacation “all the time.”

Regarding the bulk of Republicans charged with oversight of the deep state, he said that “RINOs do not want change in Washington.” He said the current post-Trump House GOP Caucus is a “disaster.”

Paladino said people admired Trump’s tenacity and were willing to follow his lead in “going after the system every day” to fight the D.C. swamp.

In describing the raid on Mar-a-Lago, he said that is a major distraction that seems as if it were pre-planned and planted.” He identified U.S. Domestic Policy Council director Susan Rice as a person likely responsible for the raid.

Paladina said that because Biden is not “mentally engaged,” the government is actually being run by a “couple of unelected people. Drawing on the Susan Rice connection, he noted that Barack Obama is “still very active in our government.” He explicitly said Obama is working through people like Rice and White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain, who “all come from the George Soros world.”

Matthew Boyle with Breitbart conducted the interview and pointed out to Palandino that Rice is close friends with Biden’s Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco. The candidate agreed and noted that Monaco “runs the real show of the day to day” in asserting she was likely involved in the Trump raid.

Palandino also said that there is “no question that Garland is not capable” and is there “as a front.” He went on to say that there is “no reason to exercise the Gestapo tactics” of Garland, Klain, and Rice.

He concluded by saying the raid is a “great illustration” of the effort that must be made to “put some kind of reins on the executive branch.”