Congressional Democrats Aim To Distance Campaigns From Biden As Poll Numbers Fall

As President Joe Biden’s poll numbers continue to slide, some Congressional Democrats are seeking to distance their campaigns from his administration ahead of the 2024 election, according to Axios. With just five months until the election, Biden is struggling in head-to-head matchups against former President Donald Trump both nationally and in key swing states.

Several Democratic lawmakers have decided to “Biden-proof” their campaigns to bolster their chances in tight races. One House Democrat told Axios, “[There is] more distancing now as his numbers continue to tank,” adding that his campaign was “pretty much washing my hands of his campaign.”

This approach allows candidates to avoid publicly rejecting Biden while still differentiating their campaigns. Another House Democrat explained, “[There is] always an element where you run your own race, but it’s even more pronounced” now.

Democrats in swing districts are also highlighting their policy differences with Biden. For example, a coalition of House Democrats recently urged Biden to take executive action on the southern border crisis. The letter, obtained by CBS News, stated, “It has become clear that the current situation remains untenable, but with Republicans playing politics on border security, it is time for your administration to act.” The letter called for the use of all available tools, including executive action, to address border security, interdict illicit fentanyl, and allow for orderly legal immigration.

In response to these pressures, Biden is expected to sign an executive order to address the border crisis on Tuesday. This comes after months of debate and attempts to find the “right language” for the order. Biden has previously blamed Congressional Republicans for the migrant crisis and questioned whether he had the authority to take executive action on the issue.

Despite these challenges, Biden campaign spokesperson Kevin Munoz emphasized the administration’s achievements, stating, “Joe Biden created 15 million jobs, capped the price of insulin at $35, and made health care more affordable than ever. That record of historic results for the American people is what the president and Democrats across the country will be running on.”

As the election approaches, the Biden administration’s policies and their impact on Democratic campaigns will be closely scrutinized. The effort to distance from Biden underscores the precarious position many Democratic candidates find themselves in as they navigate the upcoming election.