Congresswoman Elise Stefanik Urges New Yorkers To Stop Democrat Election Rigging

Rep. Elise Stefanik (R-NY) wrote an opinion piece that ran at Breitbart on Saturday, encouraging New Yorkers to remember that they can stop election rigging by Democrats.

She began by recounting some of the irregularities that turned the 2020 election into a chaotic disaster for Republicans and the country. It took months for the race for the 22nd Congressional District in New York to be resolved and for Republican Claudia Tenney to be sworn in.

The delays were caused by significant errors, including lost ballots sitting in a drawer and inaccurate absentee ballot counts. As a result, hundreds of thousands of Americans were denied representation in Congress for a lengthy time.

Following the federal census last year, Democrats in the New York State Assembly have refused to create fair and suitable congressional districts. They are instead trying to ram through highly gerrymandered districts to protect Democrat seats.

Stefanik reminds New Yorkers that there are three election reform propositions as part of the ballots for local elections on November 2. She urges voters to vote “no” on each.

One proposition removes power from the state’s Independent Redistricting Commission established by voters in 2014 to ensure proper district boundaries and fair representation. The proposition would allow state Democrats to overrule the commission and instead gerrymander the district maps without oversight.

Another proposition will create same-day registration for voting if passed. It would end the state’s constitutional requirement that registration occurs at least ten days before an election. If passed, this proposition would make it impossible for local boards to validate the eligibility of new voters or even names and addresses. Machine voting following same-day registration makes it virtually impossible to disqualify votes later found to have been cast by ineligible voters.

The third proposition Stefanik opposes would provide for “no excuse” absentee voting. It would expand mail-in voting and ballot harvesting.

Stefanik points out that the changes in election security laws that Democrats claim make voting easier actually cause delays and doubt results. New York voters have the opportunity to directly reject some of the most egregious Democrat tactics used in the last two years if they make sure to vote against the latest attempts to modify the state’s constitutional requirements.