Conservative Women Gather In Texas For TPUSA Leadership Conference

Conservative women from across the nation are assembling in San Antonio, Texas, for Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Conference, which runs from June 7-9, 2024. The event aims to empower conservative women and address key issues as the country approaches a crucial presidential election.

The conference features nearly two dozen influential speakers, including Megyn Kelly, Candace Owens, Riley Gaines, Yeonmi Park, Alina Habba, and Lara Trump. These speakers will discuss various topics, including the impact of modern feminism, economic challenges under President Biden, and the importance of traditional family values.

In addition to addressing political and social issues, the conference provides a platform for conservative women to share ideas and strategies. Attendees will have the opportunity to engage in discussions about the fallacies of modern feminism, which many conservatives believe promotes harmful ideas such as the normalization of promiscuity and the undermining of traditional family structures.

The event comes at a time when the country faces significant challenges. Inflation is soaring, illegal immigration remains uncontrolled, and political controversies, such as the targeting of former President Donald Trump, continue to dominate headlines. These issues are placing a substantial strain on American families, making the discussions at this conference particularly relevant.

A Gallup poll from February 2024 revealed that young women are increasingly identifying as liberal. The percentage of women aged 18-29 identifying as liberal rose from 30% in 1999 to 40% in 2023. This trend highlights the growing divide between conservative and liberal women in the U.S. As the liberal identification among young women increases, conservative women feel a stronger need to unite and advocate for their beliefs.

One of the key goals of the conference is to equip conservative women with the knowledge and tools to influence the political landscape positively. By bringing together prominent conservative voices and engaged attendees, the conference aims to foster a sense of community and purpose among conservative women.

As the conference unfolds, attendees will engage in discussions on a range of topics, from the economy to building healthy relationships in today’s society. The goal is to provide conservative women with a platform to share their experiences, learn from each other, and develop strategies to counter the prevailing liberal narratives.

Overall, the Turning Point USA’s Young Women’s Leadership Conference promises to be a significant event for conservative women across the country. By addressing key issues and promoting conservative values, the conference seeks to empower women to make a meaningful impact in their communities and beyond.