Conservatives Just Scored A Major Win In Italy

Across the world, radical left-wing policies have consequences. More often than not, these policies include higher crime rates, open borders, poverty amongst the middle and working classes, and infringements on religious liberties.

In various nations, left-wingers insist that anyone who opposes these policies is bigoted, xenophobic, and hateful. Yet, this hasn’t changed the adverse results that often follow nations with years and decades of left-wing leadership.

In Italy, however, it looks as though the people are ready for a change. This is apparent in the win of Giorgia Meloni, who will become the next prime minister of Italy.

What to Know About Meloni’s Victory
The win of Italy’s soon-to-be first female prime minister came after she ran on a platform of national conservatism that puts the interests of her people first.

Some standouts of her platform include the protection of religious liberties, upholding family values, maintaining safe borders, and sustaining economic prosperity.

In various speeches that led to her win, Meloni furthermore warned about the dangers of communism and loss of national identity. She’s been consistently clear that Italy needs to defend its identity, freedom, and national values above all else.

Meloni also stated Italy’s national conservative ideologies are key to upholding the country’s democracy.

Major Outrage From Leftists
European leftists and the establishment have been clear they’re not pleased with Meloni’s victory in Italy. Critics of Italy’s soon-to-be first female prime minister are likewise writing her off as extreme and fascist.

However, Meloni has a well-documented history of fighting fascism in the form of government-mandated vaccine passports and globalism.

In reaction to her win, officials within Italy’s Democratic Party are looking to use other branches of government, such as the upcoming congress, to resist her proposals.

Thus far, there seems to be little recollection on the left as to why Meloni secured enough votes to win the election. If nothing else, this shows more people in Italy than the left wants to admit are sick of globalist policies.

When speaking after winning her election, Giorgia Meloni vowed to be a leader who delivers for everyone throughout Italy. Finally, she promised not to betray her country.