Corruption: Bragg’s Trump Detective Suspended Over Michael Cohen Connection

Turmoil erupted in the prosecution of former President Donald Trump by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg. The rogue DA’s financial crimes investigator, Jeremy Rosenberg, has reportedly been suspended over interactions with disgraced ex-attorney Michael Cohen.

The New York Post reported that Rosenberg was ordered to hand over his firearm over his contact with the Trump rival.

Bragg’s office said it is conducting a review of “an investigator’s compliance with internal office protocols.”

The supervising detective’s attorney, Lanny J. Davis, defended his client from implications of inappropriate conduct. “The interactions between Mr. Rosenberg, Michael Cohen, and myself were always professional and focused on Mr. Cohen’s personal security, which we appreciated.”

The most relevant question is whether the suspension will have an effect on the Trump investigation.

Former Manhattan prosecutor and current defense lawyer Mark Bederow told the Post that the defense will likely attempt to determine what led to the review. He said Trump’s legal team will “want to know what’s the nature of the relationship.”

Bederow added that they will try to find out what was talked about “and did this detective investigator have anything that fits the form of a disclosure to the defense.”

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon was also a target of Rosenberg for allegedly masterminding a $15 million fundraising scam tied to the border wall. Trump later pardoned Bannon.

Many charged that it is yet another “extremely political” move by Bragg’s office. The DA infamously indicted Trump earlier this year over an alleged $130,000 hush payment given to former adult star Stormy Daniels over an affair.

This was supposedly to keep her quiet before the 2016 presidential election.

Cohen and Trump became bitter political enemies, and the former attorney worked with Bragg’s investigation into the former president. Cohen first went to prison and then was confined to his home for campaign finance crimes and lying to Congress.

Trump, a 2024 Republican candidate for the White House, labeled Bragg’s indictment “political persecution and election interference.” He called the DA a “disgrace.”

As for Cohen, the former president sued him for $500 million for “falsehoods” and allegedly breaking a confidentiality agreement.