COVID Masking Rules May Make a Blue State Return

Even as most of America outside of the coasts has largely returned to normal from two years of COVID-19 hysteria, some of the blue cities and states are still on the edge of returning to mask mandates as if nothing has really changed.

For example, Philadelphia is currently averaging only two deaths per day from COVID, with a weekly case number average that has fallen to 170. The numbers have flattened and fallen significantly since the beginning of the year. Nevertheless, the city is bringing back a mask mandate with no real rational basis.

In support of the resurgence in some urban locations of masking rules, the Biden administration has rolled Dr. Anthony Fauci back out to address a compliant corporate media on the subject. It is notable that the White House has finally decided it wants to bring Fauci out of hiding after several months of being exposed over financing China’s gain-of-function virus research and other embarrassing policy decisions.

A new and even milder variant, known as BA.2 Omicron, has been making its way across Europe and in China, leading Fauci back to the Sunday news shows.

Nothing Fauci or the administration’s other “experts” can say will change the science involving mask-wearing. Cloth and surgical masks are still just as ineffective in stopping the spread of the coronavirus as they ever were. Although they are more effective, N95-grade masks are still as impractical as they have ever been for everyday public use. The fit and sanitation requirements for that level of masking remain the same as always.

Real-life statistical studies continue to establish that masks have no apparent impact on the viral spread.

Despite the mountains of evidence that weigh against mask mandates, politicians are likely to remain eager to use the rules as an easy way to pretend they are doing something meaningful. True believers in the idea that the government can control a virus will continue to accept the rules and blame anyone who dares question them as the “reason” the virus continues to stand in as the largest public health crisis in generations.

Unfortunately for sane Americans stuck in the blue districts, the easy appeal to governmental virtue-signaling and meaningless and harsh rules is not likely to go away anytime soon.