Crist Campaign Accuses Republicans Of Chanting ‘Refried Beans’ At Hispanic Running Mate

Florida gubernatorial candidate Charlie Crist’s (D) campaign accused Republican supporters of his opponent, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R), of yelling “refried beans” at his Hispanic running mate.

Julio Ligorría, a Democratic communications strategist, made the bizarre accusation on Twitter — claiming that the DeSantis supporters were yelling “refried beans” as some sort of racist chant against Crist’s running mate, Honduran-American teachers union president Karla Hernández-Mats.

“DeSantis supporters shouting ‘refried beans’ at Karla as she was walking into the theater for the debate,” Ligorría wrote in a since-deleted tweet, which included a video of the supposed chant. “Sad state of politics to say the least.”

Of course, anyone who was paying attention to the video and knew a little bit about the DeSantis campaign understood that the supporters were actually chanting “Keep Florida Free,” which is the motto of the Republican governor’s campaign.

Ligorría was immediately called out by people with better hearing, including DeSantis campaign rapid response director Christina Pushaw, who pointed out his mistake. She later called the Democrat communications strategist out for deleting his tweet after the backlash.

“‘Disinformation analyst’ deleted this tweet when everyone pointed out that the crowd was chanting #KeepFloridaFree aka … our campaign slogan. Chanting ‘refried beans’ makes about as much sense as ‘let’s go Brandon,’” Pushaw wrote, referencing a reporter’s misidentification of a “F— Joe Biden” chant as “Let’s Go Brandon.”

Other Democrats such as “Last Week Tonight” comedian Pete Dominick retweeted and amplified the false claims. Dominick did end up deleting his post and apologizing, though he later deleted his apology.

Ligorría also apologized, acknowledging that he had made a mistake.

“Guilty of being human folks — turns out my ears deceived me and in the heat of the moment tweeted out a video of DeSantis supporters chanting ‘keep Florida free’ thinking they were saying something disparaging. Holding myself accountable for not being more careful! Apologies,” he tweeted.

The Democrat communications strategist then deleted the original tweet and locked his Twitter account so that no one was able to read any of his tweets. As of Tuesday evening, his account is still locked.