Critics Blast Biden For Calling Illegal Immigrants ‘Voters’

President Joe Biden has sparked controversy after accidentally referring to Hispanic illegal immigrants as “voters” during an interview with Spanish radio show Chiquibaby on Thursday. While discussing the ongoing crisis at the southern border, Biden said, “It’s even a bigger influx now in terms of Hispanic voters, or Hispanic — Hispanic citizens, who want to become citizens.”

In the same interview, Biden likened the current immigration levels to the 1840s Irish migration to the United States due to famine and persecution. He said, “The Hispanic community is part of the future of America. Twenty-eight out of every 100 students in school speak Spanish, the idea that you’re gonna ignore that? That’s our future.”

The president’s mistake of calling Hispanic illegal immigrants “voters” has sparked criticism on social media, with many accusing him of a Freudian slip and inadvertently revealing his political agenda. Critics claim that the Democratic Party is deliberately allowing high levels of illegal immigration to bolster support and essentially import votes for future elections.

A White House spokesperson clarified to Fox News that “Only American citizens can vote in federal elections. As fact checkers across the board have made clear, it is already illegal for noncitizens to vote in federal elections.”