Cuomo Sues CNN For Giant Sum

These days, things are not going so well for CNN. There seems to be one problem after another when it comes to this news network.

For starters, several of their employees have been accused of physical crimes against women and children. Several CNN employees facing these accusations are also dealing with legal issues as well, such as John Griffin and Rick Saleeby.

Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo have both been accused of inappropriate sexual behavior; although, while the former remains employed, the latter got the boot months ago for helping his older brother, the former New York governor, cover up his harassment allegations.

However, Chris Cuomo is now back with a vengeance. According to The Blaze, Cuomo is suing CNN for a grand total of $125 million.

A Deeper Dive into the Lawsuit Against CNN

In Cuomo’s multi-million lawsuit against CNN, the ex-employee accuses the network of bringing damage to his reputation.

Of course, the lawsuit stems from Cuomo being fired for using his connections in CNN to help his big brother dodge harassment allegations brought against him by various women. Nevertheless, the younger Cuomo alleges in his suit that CNN unfairly terminated his employment.

Therefore, the former news anchor is calling for CNN to pay out the rest of his contract, along with damages, both of which collectively add up to a whopping $125 million. The filing of the lawsuit alleges that because of CNN smearing Cuomo’s reputation, finding employment in his field will be a challenge.

The former CNN employee finally goes on to claim that higher-ups in the company knew that he was working to assist his then-governor brother. Therefore, Cuomo asserts CNN’s decision to fire him boils down to nothing more than “pressure” from the public.

A Web of Issues

Chris Cuomo’s lawsuit against CNN comes as the network is struggling with low ratings, as it has been for quite some time.

CNN’s issues with ratings happened once former President Trump left the White House. Throughout the duration of the Trump administration, CNN was able to capitalize by trashing the 45th president at every turn, drawing in anti-Trump Republicans and left-wing viewers.

Yet, with Trump not in the White House anymore, CNN viewers have lost interest in the network and largely turned their attention elsewhere. This, along with the lawsuit from Cuomo, could pose long-term problems for the company and even threaten its future viability.

In any event, should CNN eventually go off the air, there are many Americans who won’t be all that sad over the departure.