DC Wants National Guard Help After Reaching ‘Tipping Point’ Over Migrants

In a bit of rich irony, Washington D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser called on help Saturday from the National Guard. This was due to migrants being voluntarily bused to the city from Texas and Arizona.

She asked for the Guard to be activated to assist in processing illegal migrants sent from the nation’s southern border. Her office described the situation as a “humanitarian crisis” and said the nation’s capital is at a “tipping point.”

That’s not a “tipping point” for border areas such as Texas. Just a normal few days.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott started offering the bus passage to Washington in April as he criticized the burden placed on the region by record levels of illegal migration.

Over 135 buses loaded with migrants have arrived in the nation’s capital from Texas. The White House deems the program to be a publicity stunt, and critics note the $1,400 price tag the state incurs for every rider.

Of course, the cost of illegal migration soars above that tiny sum for the beleaguered border states.

Texas is joined by others that are increasingly agitated over what they perceive as a lack of federal control of the border. Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey joined the bus migration effort in May, saying his state was forced to act due to “little or no assistance from the federal government.”

Bowser wants to utilize the Guard to process the migrants, whose total has reached roughly 5,000. The mayor asked to convert one of a few federal locations in the D.C. region into a migrant processing center. Bowser’s request said the regional welcome center in Maryland is “overwhelmed.”

D.C. officials said they are concerned that the voluntary arrivals are coming in at a faster pace in recent weeks. Resources to care for the influx, they reported, are running out rapidly.

Abbott’s office released a statement declaring that the request for National Guard assistance richly proves the point Texas is making.

The release said that “our communities (in Texas) are overrun and overwhelmed by thousands of illegal immigrants.” The Biden administration’s “open border policies” were blamed for the chaos.

Bowser said a federal solution is needed as opposed to a “city-by-city, state-by-state response.”