Defiant Trump Declared Biden ‘Most Corrupt President’ In History

Former President Donald Trump delighted the enthusiastic crowd attending Saturday night’s Faith and Freedom Coalition conference in the nation’s capitol, and he held nothing back in describing the criminal activity of the current president.

The 2024 Republican frontrunner laid bare the charges of the Biden family accepting millions in international bribes and did not stop there.

He called out radical Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg for filing flimsy charges related to supposed payments to an adult performer. And he pledged if elected, to end the Ukraine war even before he officially returned to the Oval Office.

Trump told the appreciative audience that “Joe Biden is the most corrupt president in the history of our country — by far.”

The former president recalled last week’s riveting testimony by a highly respected IRS whistleblower. It was revealed that the president sat next to Hunter Biden while his son communicated with a Chinese Communist Party official.

This bombshell led to immediate calls for impeachment.

The Road to Majority conference came less than two weeks after Trump was indicted by Biden’s Department of Justice. The former president pleaded not guilty to 37 charges alleging mishandling of classified documents.

In the immediate aftermath of entering his plea, Trump labeled the action a “witch hunt.” On Saturday, he called the indictments “a great badge of courage.”

These obviously politically motivated charges pale in comparison to what the elder Biden could face, and Trump noted this on Saturday. He also railed against the mainstream media attempting to dampen the news that yet more evidence against the president was revealed.

As he said, within ten days of the message from Hunter Biden to his Chinese connection, the Bidens allegedly received $5.1 million from China. Trump asked, “can you imagine the newspapers not reporting this?”

The 2024 candidate has pledged to force China to remove its base of spying operations in Cuba or face heavy consequences. Trump said the reason Biden has not confronted the communist power could be due to “tens of millions of dollars from China.”

Trump further told the audience that, if re-elected, he will purge the deep state, remove transgender military members from service, and prohibit “gender-confirming” procedures on minors.