Deja Vu In Chicago? Fears Of 1968 Repeat As 70 Groups Plan DNC Protests

The upcoming Democratic National Convention in Chicago is stirring memories of the violent 1968 convention, with over 70 organizations joining forces to protest against President Joe Biden. The groups, united under the banner “March on the DNC,” accuse Biden of being “complicit in the genocide” of Palestinians.

Despite a $75 million federal grant for security, Democratic Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez warned that the anticipated gatherings are “raising some serious concerns.” Radicals have openly declared their intention to “reject the DNC in Chicago,” hinting at potential unrest.

Chicago has already experienced significant disruptions in recent months, with weekend takeovers of downtown districts and Lakeshore Drive. Alderman Lopez cautioned that the city’s police department might struggle to manage the protests due to attrition and recruitment challenges.

Critics argue that Democrats have created this potential problem themselves by supporting the “P-Hat” protests after Trump’s 2017 inauguration, the destructive George-Floyd BLM unrest in 2020, and the ongoing pro-Hamas demonstrations on college campuses. If chaos and violence erupt at the convention, some believe it will be a case of “chickens coming home to roost” for the Democrats.

The parallels to 1968 are striking, and if history repeats itself with a Trump victory in November, many will point to the Democrats’ failure to condemn violent and disruptive protests as a contributing factor.