Delusional Democratic Rep. Claims Party “Single-Handedly” Saved Economy

Connecticut Democratic Rep. Jahana Hayes inexplicably asserted last month that Democrats “single-handedly” saved the economy during remarks made at a virtual Black Caucus town hall.

Assuming Hayes meant the United States economy, what are the benchmarks she bases this ludicrous claim on? Not inflation, which is at a 40-year high and not slowing down. Has she visited a gas station or grocery store in 2022?

President Biden’s approval ratings are not old enough to run for president while his disapproval numbers can draw social security.

When voters cast midterm ballots this fall, Connecticut will have been 16 years without electing one member of Congress or even statewide candidate with an “R” beside their name. But there are 12 statewide and congressional races to be decided in November, including governor and U.S. senator.

Guess who is in the most trouble?

Though it’s far from a shoe-in, Republicans defeated Democrats in 16 Connecticut cities and towns in November and now control nearly two-thirds of the state’s municipalities. Then, of course, there’s Biden. No, he’s not on the ticket, but the specter of his leadership looms over everyone in the party from dog catchers to senators.

Add the GOP’s George Logan to the mix. The former state senator is vying to be the first Latino/African American to be elected to Congress from Connecticut’s 5th district and is the son of Guatemalan immigrants who hailed from Jamaica. Logan has raised $1.2 million and is attracting national attention to a region the GOP has largely ignored due to recent voting trends.

While Hayes credits national Democrats for the current economy, which is more true than she may realize, Logan asserts that Congress is not solving the problem of runaway prices. Instead, the candidate argues, out-of-control spending and higher taxes are only adding fuel to inflationary fires.

Add Logan’s strong support for law enforcement and rampant voter discontent with the economy Hayes puts firmly at the feet of Democrats, and Jahana Hayes may have more time on her hands later this year. Time to get out of Washington and survey the results of the economy she credits the Democratic Party with foisting onto Americans.