Democrat House Caucus Chair: Supreme Court Has “Zero Legitimacy”

Rep. Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) has risen to a position of power in the Democratic Party as chair of the House Democratic Caucus and is not afraid to use his platform to undermine the legitimacy of the Constitution or the American system of government.

Jeffries took to his Twitter account late Monday evening to declare that the majority of the Supreme Court has “zero legitimacy” and that the “ghosts of the confederacy are alive and well.”

Jeffries did not expressly say so, but it is apparent that he was tweeting in an angry mood about the Supreme Court’s ruling issued on Monday regarding the Democratic challenge of Alabama’s newly drawn congressional districts map.

Even though Democrats have been seeing some success in legal actions in states around the country this year on redistricting issues, they decided to take a more high-risk chance of suing Alabama in federal court over the slightly revised map proposed by the state’s Republican legislative majority.

Redistricting challenges often crop up in rapid succession every decade when states use federal census data sometimes to redraw the maps for congressional representation inside their borders. The federal government generally decides how many representatives a state has in Congress based on population. Still, states can draw the maps for their allotted number of House Representatives in their legislatures. Legislatures often “gerrymander” the districts, drawing them out in such a way as to maximize the chance of the party in control to receive more excellent representation in Congress.

Even though the new Alabama map did not remove the district Democrats have a safe hold on, they decided to sue anyway. A lower federal court agreed and blocked the use of the new map, at least for this year’s midterm elections.

The Supreme Court ruled 5-4 to let the new Alabama map stand, finding against the primary challenge of the Democrats under the Voting Rights Act. Chief Justice John Roberts joined the three liberals on the court in dissent. The court’s majority opinion said that the Monday ruling would allow the Supreme Court to “decide the merits in an orderly fashion” after the usual time needed for briefing, arguing, and deliberation has been taken.

Stephen Miller responded to Jeffries by observing that we should not be surprised that when Democrats have power, they will censor, control, and brainwash Americans. He urged Americans to “vote them out.”

John Cooper with the Heritage Foundation took the opportunity to poke a bit of fun at Jeffries’ temper-tantrum tweeting.