Democrats Are Picking Up Biden’s Bad Habits

More often than not, the behavior of a leader tends to rub off on others. Yet, in the case of Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, this is not good news at all.

The Biden presidency has been riddled with not just poor policies and false narratives, but also troubling communication habits. It’s not uncommon for Biden to whisper into microphones, only to abruptly begin shouting moments later.

This president also has a tendency to forget the names and roles of individuals working for his own administration. It’s not a good look by any means, and it’s led to more calls for Biden to undergo cognitive tests.

Unfortunately for the United States, Biden’s bad communication habits are rubbing off on Democratic lawmakers, as pointed out by American Thinker.

The First Domino to Fall

Over the past few days, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) held one of her fairly common Instagram Live sessions. During this time, the congresswoman was questioned about her response to critics who refer to her as a socialist.

Ocasio-Cortez strangely whispered that “most people” are not aware of what capitalism and socialism truly are. The congresswoman then continued whispering, inferring that capitalism causes people to die and empowers greedy CEOs.

These are common anti-capitalist talking points, despite how falsely they portray it. However, many folks who caught wind of Ocasio-Cortez’s Instagram Live session questioned why she was whispering.

Many people compared it to Biden’s tendency to whisper into microphones, presumably to make a point. Still, this is a habit many people find to be annoying and not at all likely to win anyone over.

The Truth About Whispering in Politics

As many critics of the New York congresswoman — and Biden — have already pointed out, whispering untrue statements doesn’t make them any less false.

Democrats and socialists consistently link capitalism to greed and exploitation. However, no one is more exploited than people who are doomed to live in the socialist and communist societies that Ocasio-Cortez and Biden want to usher into America.

To this very day, capitalism continues to empower individuals from all walks of life. Despite Ocasio-Cortez’s whispering statements, capitalism is what allows people to build businesses, start careers, and become upwardly mobile.

In societies run by socialism and communism, people are doomed to poverty, failure and mediocrity, with no hopes of success. Critics of capitalism tend to claim this economic system doesn’t ensure equal outcomes; yet, socialism and communism only ensure equally poor outcomes for the citizens involved.