Democrats Continue Acting Out As Looming Midterms Inch Closer

On Sunday night, an innocent man became the latest victim of political violence while canvassing a Miami suburb in support of Sen. Marco Rubio’s (R-FL) bid for reelection.

The young Republican, dawning a Rubio shirt and Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) hat, was suddenly ambushed by four assailants. The result was internal bleeding, a broken jaw, facial reconstructive surgery, and indefinite hospital admission.

Recent polls indicate the GOP will retake control of the senate and house, gaining as many as 20 seats in the latter. Considering the political nature of this attack, it seems clear the left is resorting to violence as a way to alleviate the pain from the looming midterm disaster.

Democratic leaders such as Chuck Schumer and Maxine Waters opened the floodgates for political violence with their reckless dialogue. Their constituents have responded, especially in recent months.

Cayler Ellingson, an 18-year-old South Dakotan, was killed in mid-September after he was run over by a deranged Democrat. In the 911 call, the murderer admitted his suspicions that Ellingson was part of a “Republican extremist group.” Members of the community, who remain anonymous in fear for their own well-being, adamantly reject that claim.

Days later, an elderly woman was shot in the back in a Michigan neighborhood while campaigning door-to-door for a pro-life bill. The gun was discharged following a verbal altercation, leading to the reasonable assumption that this instance was another act of left-on-right political aggression.

We can’t forget about the Waukesha Christmas parade massacre, where six more innocent souls met their demise at the hands of another crazed leftwing activist.

The erratic behavior of the left’s base has been mirrored in the midterm campaigns of Democrat candidates. It was only last month when Sen. candidate Tim Ryan (D-OH) claimed the only way to combat the MAGA movement is to “kill and confront” it.

Some candidates have even resorted to claiming that Republicans are coming after your Social Security and Medicare plans. A tale as old as time itself.

From the botched Afghanistan withdrawal to our flailing economy, the jig is up on the failure that has been Joe Biden’s presidency thus far. A red wave is coming. We know it, and so does the left.